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Thanksgiving is upon us! YAY!!! I love, love, love, love Thanksgiving leftovers. Did I mention I love Thanksgiving leftovers? 😉

Thanksgiving has evolved quite a lot for my family. Our Thanksgivings used to be spend with military friends when we lived overseas – since we were all far away from our families, we used to all get together and celebrate together. Thanksgivings with our friends were an awful lot of fun. When my hubs and I moved back to the States, I started cooking the entire meal for my family who would come to our home, where ever we were. When we moved back to Iowa, Thanksgivings were always spent at my husband’s grandpa’s house. His grandfather remarried after his first wife died at a young age, and Thanksgiving and Easter were the two holidays the huge blended family spent together. After his grandfather passed away almost two years ago, my husband’s mother took over hosting this meal. It’s a fun event, but I kind of miss micromanaging the meal myself…

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  1. I have a hard time not micromanaging, especially when hosts/guests like Stovetop Stuffing, Cool Whip, and other oddities. Then again, I get to control what the kids eat 99% of the time, and should be thankful they are having fun. Have a great Thanksgiving!
    • I know!!!!!! There's no stovetop, but plenty of cool whip. I just try to bring an assortment of delicious and healthy dishes to share. Unfortunately, I have a reputation for weird food which is probably why I am not asked to host. I can't imagine why. ;-)

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