Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 1/16

Entering Week 3 of the Eat from the Pantry Challenge…and I’m starting to run out of a few things. I have no pasta other than lasagna noodles. I have no black beans. My cheese supply is running low. I used all of the frozen apples and we ate all of the breakfast items I had frozen in the freezer. Other than that, though, I’m still really stocked. I have plenty of raw sugar. Plenty of whole oats. Plenty of wheat berries.

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  1. I love your new picture set up!! Do you use a special program for that? we are trying the Eggy Breakfast Muffins this week, FINALLY!! You seem excited about those sunchips, I'm guessing that's a special treat in your house? Flavored chips are little miracles in this house. Usually I stick with tortilla chips, but open up a bag of flavored chips and the kids come stampeding in!! A bag usually only last 15 minutes. It's ridiculous.
    • Cara - I make a collage in Google's Picasa and then add the text in Picnik. It's really easy. Sun Chips. Well...they were on sale for $1.88 a bag and I don't buy a lot of flavored chips so they are a real treat for my kids! :-)
  2. lol, I am cooking a big ham I found in our freezer on monday. :) So we'll have lots of ham meals! I need the macho nachos recipe! :) :) I want to pin it!
    • We did ham last week, Michele. Check out last week's menu! And the nachos - well, they're just chips with my taco meat (recipe's on the blog), plus sour cream, cheese, guac, whatever else! :-)
  3. Ha! We did ham last week, too. And we're doing turkey next week! This week it's fast meals from the freezer. But that Mozarella Spinach Meatloaf sure sounds good. Found you on Menu Plan Monday.
  4. Your menu is mouth-watering! I love the challenge of a week from the pantry. I can do some cool things with that, but not as elaborate as you do, hats off! My dh has begun a blog, it is a review of cookbooks. He is insisting on cooking, poor me. This week on the menu: gumbo, a chilli recipe with chuck roast instead of ground beef, an vegetarian Indian dish, daube (that one is my recipe from a village in France) and a Morrocan dish with chicken, olives and lemon. Portion, I must remember portion-control, and lots of water.

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