Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 2/25/13

It’s hard to believe the last few days of February are upon us already. I love the beginning of a new month and the promises it holds! As spring nears, I am trying hard to get down into the dregs of my freezer. I have a lot of beef soup bones to use up, and a few more whole chickens. I’m staring to think about my next fresh meat order from local farmers and want to clear out the old before ordering the new. It’s always a little daunting using up the last of the meat because at this point, it’s almost only undesirable cuts that I have left! Creativity takes effort… 🙂

So, here’s what I’m thinking for this our current weekly menu –

Breakfasts ~

Lunches ~

  • Leftovers
  • Nachos
  • Sandwiches
  • Loaded Baked Potatoes

Dinners ~

  • Tacos {extra meat for the freezer}
  • Chicken Chasseur
  • Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi
  • Cook’s Illustrated Oxtail Soup {I’m hoping this is a good use for a few of my beef soup bone packs…}
  • Homemade Pizza
  • Chicken & Broccoli Quiche
  • Pork Roast & Sauerkraut

Got a link to your menu? I’d love to see what you’re cooking this week!

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  1. Jon makes amazing braised oxtails... Wow. I wish he would make those again sometime soon. We are eating pretty well this week. http://www.sweetherseyliving.com/2013/02/25/weekly-menu-plans-22513/

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