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Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 2/26

We finally made it home from our Florida vacation. A relative was able to come over and turn up the heat for us before we got home, but he did not go grocery shopping for me. 🙁 Oh well…at least the house was nice and warm when we walked in! The 17 degrees my van thermometer read when we pulled up to the house was quite a shock after 80+ temps in Florida! Brrrr. Ah well – today it’s sunny and 50, and the snow is all melted. I’ll take it.

I need groceries in a bad way and am looking forward to stocking up on some things later today. I found my Wednesday paper (forgot to put a vacation hold) and noticed that mushrooms are super cheap this week. So,


  1. Welcome back! I have a question; don't laugh - how do you make your refried beans? Do you used canned beans or cook them yourself? Do you add seasonings? And what do you fry them in? Thanks :)
    • Well...I guess refried beans might not be quite the right description. I have made them (following this recipe: http://paulasbread.blogspot.com/2011/06/easy-bean-burritos.html). But my family seems to prefer it if I just slightly mash the cooked beans. I cook the pinto beans with onions, garlic, salt then just lightly mash them by hand.

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