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Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan ~ 6/10

menu planWe are in full moving swing around here. Have I told you we’re finally moving out to our haunted barn? YES, yes we are! We plan to live there while we build our passive house. Our plans are finally becoming a reality. But, I hate moving. It’s no fun. This will be our second move without the Air Force to come pack us out and it really stinks. This better be our last move. 🙂 We also have ball games on 3 out 5 week nights this week – two we have to travel for – which means I need to get cooking early than 6:00 pm. My success level with that is mixed, so I really hope I am able to stick to my plan this week.

Here’s my Weekly Menu and Freezer Cooking Plan –

Breakfasts ~

Lunches ~

Dinners ~

That’s what I will TRY to make… 🙂 What are you eating?

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