Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 8/20

Thanks to my Freezer Meal Exchange Group and sometimes quadrupling recipes that I make for our breakfasts and dinners, I have a freezer full of food to eat this week! I’m very excited about that because my previously homeschooled third grader is heading to public school for the first time on Wednesday and I’m sure I will be crazy because of that.

I also have a ton of yummy veggies from my garden that I’ll be incorporating into this week’s menu: tons of tomatoes, kohlrabi, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, and cabbage! I’ll also be processing all of this yummy-ness in my water-bath and pressure canner and also be freezing some to enjoy this winter.

I’m planning an easy meal week this week as we adjust to public school life. Here’s what we’re eating:

Breakfasts ~

Any combination of Smoothies, Homemade Toaster Waffles, Yogurt with Berries, Toast, Eggy Breakfast Muffins, Egg Sandwiches

Lunches ~

We’re packing lunches for my daughter.

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  1. It is always a mix of emotions sending a kid off to school. I cried the first day, maybe a little the second day. The house is amazingly so much quieter with one less kid. Then you notice how some things are easier with 1 less kid. We make Ava's lunches too. We let her have hot lunch every friday as a treat, she loves it! Week nights become hectic with having to fit in school work, bath time, dinner, and hopefully play time. I always have to make sure Ava is in bed by 8 or waking up at 6am is just too hard for her. I look forward to school but I dread it at the same time.... I hope you post about what her first day was like!! Are you feeling nervous for her at all?
  2. I completely agree with school lunches. Last year my son took his lunch every day. We have two in school this year, and so far so good - although we've only had 12 days. I hope to make it every day this year, but we'll see. I'm anxious to check out your freezer posts. New follower here - follow us back. Oh - found you from Menu Plan Monday

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