Weekly Menu & Freezer Cooking Plan ~ 9/18

Last week I didn’t so such a good job following my menu plan with my hubs out of town and my mother here. It just didn’t go as I had planned. We also had a quick family getaway to an awesome, indoor waterpark in Chicago after my hubs returned from his 2 week trip. It was a fun week, but we ate a lot of junk. Must. Do. Better. This. Week. !

Here’s what I had planned to eat last week:

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  1. Today I traded my sister some of our homegrown ground beef for 15 lbs of her homegrown sausage. So I'm going to try making prebaked sausage patties for the freezer. I'm envisioning cute little patties like you buy at the store, reality may not work out so well, but I'm willing to give it a try:) Also, my mom got an amazing deal on bananas at the local produce auction, she gave us 10 lbs, so I'm thinking there will be lots of smoothies on next week's menu plan.
  2. All I can tell you is we will be eating turnips and rutabagas and carrots A LOT in the next few weeks!!!! Also cabbage and as long as it doesn't freeze, eggplant and artichokes. These are the few veggies the deer didn't decimate in their rampage of my garden. We got a few squash before the deer discovered them and amazingly the tomatoes came back, even after the deer ate the plants down to sad little sticks. Sadly, the tomatoes are not even close to ripe yet and I don't think they will be before frost hits. We still have broccoli side shoots and I keep hoping the brussel sprouts will do whatever it is they are supposed to do. If you have any turnip or rutabaga recipes please post them!!!! My family loved the buttermilk syrup (even though it curdled, is it supposed to do that??) and the squash puffs/fritters!!! My husband who would never eat yellow squash before, requested them!!!!! You have become an inspiration in the kitchen and the garden!!!! Thank You!!!
    • You made my day with this comment, Amanda! My brussel sprouts also made no sprouts this year. Not sure what's up with that. I've never grown turnips or rutabagas but I'll keep my eyes open... And no, to answer your question, the syrup should not curdle, though mine did once as well. I'm not sure why. I used to use only powdered milk but a few months ago switched to real milk. I'm guessing it has to do with that. But, the curdling has only happened once. I'll pay attention next time I made it and see what I can do. :-) You inspired me to write about frost and tomatoes and what you can do with them! Don't get rid of them just yet!!! Watch for that post on Tuesday. :-)

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