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Weekly Menu & Freezer Cooking Plan ~ 9/9

I posted my entire month’s menu last week, in no particular order. You can see it here, if you missed it! Since I already did all the work last week to prepare the menu plan, this week’s post is pretty simple. Here’s what we ended up eating last week, and my plan for this week as well.

Weekly Menu & Freezer Cooking Plan

Last week’s dinners ~

This week’s dinners ~


This week’s lunches ~

This week’s breakfasts ~

I will also be making fresh salsa to can as well as processing apples and grape jelly this week! Another busy week in the kitchen is in store for me…

So far, so good on the monthly menu plan. I made a big shopping trip to Costco last week and picked up my Azure Standard order as well. Later in the week I made a smaller trip to Walmart to pick up a few items that weren’t available at Costco. Hopefully, I can go without another grocery shopping trip until after this week. At that point, I might need to pick up a few more things, but I’m not sure. Apples are in season and we’re picking quite a few yummy {and free!} golden delicious apples to eat and process – so fruit is checked off. My garden is still going crazy so veggies are checked off. And my freezer’s stocked with local meat. I will need to get more eggs from the feed store and I’m sure something will pop up that I just have to have, or there will be a crazy sale I need to take advantage of. So I’m sure I will be headed back to the grocery store before the month is over. Mostly, though, I feel pretty stocked up!!

What are you eating this week?

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  1. Hey I was thinking of you when I came across a recipe for queso dip using NO processed cheese!! I'm not sure if your hubby is a football lover but this dip may just be great for yalls family! Use sharp cheddar, it tastes like sharp cheddar! You could make dip, nachos, or a creamy cheese sauce for for sammiches. I JUSt posted it this morning so it should be right near the top of my blog. Only 3 ingredients, super easy, tastes amazing! No grainy texture!!! I hope you try it out!
  2. Your garden haul is gorgeous! And even some potatoes - woo hoo! Glad you have apples for picking after all the crazy weather this year... our trees are bare. Get busy canning jelly and salsa and applesauce, because as soon as you get your kitchen in a state of total disaster that's when your buyer will want to come see your house. :-)

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