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Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 9/9/2013

weekly menu freezer cooking plan

This week I am starting a new simplification plan. As I let you know last week in my life update, my life has become pretty chaotic and hectic. I spent the weekend plotting, planning, and deciding how to make my life a little bit simpler, and what it boils down to is requiring more help from my children. I wrote out a specific chore plan and allowance scheme for all of my kiddos, spent a good deal of time today explaining and requiring more effort from my children, and I am going to work hard this week to implement my plan. Because really, all good ideas begin AND end with me. If I don’t make this plan happen, it will not happen. Since I will likely be busy trying to get the chore plan off to a good start this week, I’m taking an easy plan in the kitchen. I still have tomatoes out the wazoo in my garden so I will need to can a bit, but I will not be making much for my freezer this week. In fact, I’m still trying to empty it out some.

If you missed my guest post over at Premeditated Leftovers a few weeks ago, check out how I fill my freezer in only 30 minutes a day! It’s a great post {if I do say so myself} and in a few weeks when my garden has quieted down, I will come up with another big plan to fill up my freezer again. I’ll share that post here directly with you!

In the mean time, here is my weekly menu / freezer cooking plan. I  hope I will do a good job sticking to it…honestly, it doesn’t always happen. 😉

Breakfasts ~

  • Cereal & fruit
  • Yogurt & granola with berries
  • German pancakes
  • Waffles {extra for the freezer}
  • Eggs & Sausage
  • Breakfast burritos {from the freezer}

Lunches ~

  • Sandwiches on homemade 9 grain bread {finally baking bread again!!}
  • Leftovers
  • Bean burritos
  • Egg salad
  • Tuna salad

Dinners ~

What’s cooking at your house this week?



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