When things go wrong at Walgreens…

It’s a great week for Walgreens deals! Not only can you MAKE money buying wrapping paper and tissue paper at Walgreens this week (details in my next post), but you can also make money buying a lot of other things, too, with their spend $25 – get $5RR, spend $50 – get $10RR etc…

After my great run on Monday night, I decided to try my luck again. And luck it often is!! My hubby is out of town. Walgreens is 15 miles away. I have four kiddos 6 and under. I had them ALL with me tonight. That usually spells disaster! However, tonight they did great. But my deals got messed up anyway. Here’s what I bought:

3 – Kleenex tissues – $1.09 with in-ad coupon
2 – Spinbrush toothbrushes – $4.99 ea – $2 Q (print 2 here)
1 – Advil liquid gels – $4.49 (I had a coupon to get this free)
6 – 20 ct. Hallmark tissue paper, white -3/$1 with in-ad coupon

My total before coupons was $30 and change.  However, the in-ad coupon for the Hallmark tissue paper would not scan in. The original price was $1.99 or $11.94 for 6 of them. Since the in-ad coupon wouldn’t scan in, the cashier deleted them all from my transaction and re-keyed them in at 33 cents each. Well, that’s a huge difference when you’re trying to hit $25 dollars! And it was enough to mess up my transaction – I got a $5 RR for buying the tissue paper, but I should have gotten a second one for hitting $25 and I did not.

Instead of getting $10RR I was expecting, I only got $5RR. Not only that, but after I paid $8.36 for everything, (which seemed really high to me), I realized the cashier forgot to put in my Advil coupon that would have taken off an additional $4.49. What to do???

Remember, my kids were with me, and we were headed to the library for an activity. Not only that, but the line behind me was getting longer and longer and longer. Well, I decided to push my luck. I politely told the cashier about the coupon mistake. She called the Assistant Manager. The Assistant Manager refunded my $4.49 for the Advil right away, but the $5 for hitting $25 was another matter. I explained my understanding of the tissue paper price adjustment. She called over the Manager. My kids are meanwhile napping on Walgreen’s Pillow Pets on the floor (I don’t get those things, by the way!?). The Manager said I was right and they gave me $5 cash!

So, I got all of my goodies for initially paying $8.36. Then I got back $4.49 cash, and then I got back $5 cash, and I earned $5RR for buying the tissue paper. So I actually left Walgreens tonight with $1.13 more than I entered with, and a bag full of goodies to boot! I’ll take it!

The moral of the story (and there is a moral): sometimes things go great with coupons, and sometimes everything goes wrong. Keep a positive attitude and try, try, again! Don’t be afraid to stick your to your guns; but remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

When things go wrong at Walgreens...

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  1. What I enjoyed about this post was not only the moral of the story but the reality of a Mom when has to go shopping with kids!
  2. Kids are a real challenge. I try to leave them home with Daddy. It gives me a break and them a break, too. But, that doesn't always work. Then I have to remember to stay calm and I try to get them involved in my search. :-)
  3. Sounds like a great run, Michelle :) Love that the kids were laying on the pillow pets!! I usually don't have that luck, even when I am being nice.

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