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Where to find coupons?

A friend asked me on Facebook today where the heck I get all of my coupons. I forget that not everyone knows…so if you’re looking for coupons, this post is for you!

I get a lot of coupons from the Sunday papers. I sometimes buy multiple copies to get more than one insert as it if often helpful to have more than one identical coupon. I live in a rural area and have found that the coupons vary from paper to paper. The best paper I have found in Iowa for coupons is the Des Moines Register. I think the Muscatine Journal no longer distributes coupons and the Quad City Times is almost always missing the good ones. Check out the different papers in your area to see which ones carry the best coupons. I have found inserts at fast food restaurants, hotels, and I get them from family and friends sometimes, too.

I also print a lot of coupons on line. Here are some of the sites I print from:

You can also join some groups that send out great coupons and freebies. I highly recommend joining these two groups. They send out some of the better goodies:

Other random website:

  • Kellogg’s – I just signed up for this offer to get $5 in cereal coupons. There’s actually an ad for this beneath this post and signing up through it gets me some credit! Thanks!! 🙂
  • Recycle Bank –  Sign up with them, then earn points by playing silly games on their website or recycling. They have some AWESOME, high value coupons you can “buy” with the points you earn.

My friend Michele reminded me about Facebook! Lots of companies reward their fans with fantastic coupons. Search around on Facebook and see what you find! You can always unlike companies after you get their coupon.

    Some stores also have printable coupons. Sometimes they are store coupons (which can usually be combined with manufacturer coupons) and sometimes they are manufacturer coupons. Here are a couple:

    I’m not sure what you call Cellfire – it has coupons you can add to your store reward card. You give the store your card, and the coupons you have loaded are deducted at check out.

    • Cellfire – These don’t work for me, unfortunately, but you can check here to see if your local grocery stores participate.

    I have also bought coupons on Ebay and from coupon clippers like The Coupon Clippers.

    Coupons often come with samples I request. I read about freebies on blogs like Hip2Save and I request a lot of them. I love getting my mail!

    Additionally, I have had really good luck emailing random companies and just asking for coupons. Shameless? I don’t know. The companies almost always send me a coupon or two and sometimes they send me coupons for FREE products! I’ll take ’em!

    For more frugal ideas, visit LifeAsMom – Frugal Friday!

    Do you get coupons from a place I didn’t mention? Let me know!


    1. start checking your favorite manufacturers on Facebook! I got a $2.50 coupon for 2 sixpacks of Zevia (soda sweetened with stevia) and that stuff is expensive! and I got soup coupons for soup that went on sale during a loss-leader so ended up getting some "free".
    2. Great post! I find that I get the most coupons in the Sunday papers, but usually the higher-value coupons can be found online.

      I also love the coupons that I get from Vocalpoint. Sadly, I've never gotten one of those free product coupons from Kraft First Taste...or maybe I'm just always too late. :-)

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