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Boost Your Blog in 100 Days – Who or Whom?

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Welcome back to Day 2 of the Grammar Series for Boost Your Blog in 100 Days! Yesterday, I posted the 10 most common mistakes many bloggers {people in general} make, and for the next several days, I will share a few more tips. On Day 5, I plan to switch focus from errors to writing tips for the remainder of the challenge.

Who or Whom? - A grammar lesson


Today’s Tip – Who or Whom?

It’s so simple to test whether to use who or whom, you might kick yourself for not realizing this.

Here are the technicalities:

1. Use WHO if the word is the subject (the part of the sentence that performs the action of the verb).

2. Use WHOM if the word is the object (the person or thing affected by the action of the verb).

Huh? What does that mean?

Find the subject and the object in the following sentence: He ate the entire cake all by himself.
If you said the subject is “he” and the object is “cake,” you’re right! 

So here’s the easy part. Assume for a minute that WHO = HE and WHOM = HIM. You know when to use HE and HIM correctly, right?

Him went to the movies? NO WAY! HE went to the movies.
I went to the movies with he? NO WAY! I went to the movies with HIM.

So, if you wanted to use WHO/WHOM, here’s your check:

1. Who went to the movies? HE went to the movies.

2. I went to the movies with WHOM? I went to the movies with HIM.

As long as your sentence makes sense with he or him, knowing that HE is the equivalent of WHO, and HIM is the equivalent of WHOM should help you get these two confusing words right.

Your homework for the grammar portion of this challenge, if you choose to accept it: For the next few days, I would love for you to find and take pictures of grammar mistakes when you’re out and about. On Day 10, I’ll have a Linky Party so everyone can link up the funny pictures you found! I know this isn’t too hard. I’ve found mistakes on billboards, at Walmart, in children’s books, and online. I would caution you, if you find mistakes online, to assume a helpful tone. No one likes to be mocked or made fun of. 😀

Make sense? Let me know which areas of grammar most causes you trouble and I will work them into the challenge.

boost your blog in 100 days

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  1. blankTonya says

    THANK YOU! I have tried this before and failed, your explanation is fabulous and I am determined to learn this!! What a fun challenge, I am going to give this challenge to my kids as well.
    Hope I don’t find any, right? Ha, I am sure I will though. I see many errors as well. 🙂

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