Wordless Wednesday ~ May 2

They are so sweet when they’re sleeping. No back-talk. No arguing. Just peace and quiet. For the life of me, though, I can’t understand how or why they enjoy sleeping like this. They do all have their own beds. 🙂

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  1. My kids used to all dog pile sleep too...soooo funny :) I don't like sleeping alone (my hubby works out of town a lot) Maybe kids feel the same way...easier to sleep with snuggle partners :) Gotta love this! Kids grow up way too fast!
  2. I love this! We usually wake up with at least one if not 2 children sleeping with us. I imagine when the baby gets a little bigger she will be joining them! We have thought about a bigger bed and then decided against it!
  3. In my son's scrapbook I have pictures of him in every bed in the house except his! He liked to get up during the night and get in someone else's bed. Being the only boy, that did not go over well once he got older :)

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