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Wordless Wednesday – More Dirty Kids

It’s my mission now to capture all of my children in a horribly dirty state. Shouldn’t be too hard with my crew…they get dirty when they sit still. I still haven’t figured that out.

These are pictures of my hippy spica baby, my youngest child, who amazes me every day with her determination and drive. She gets what she wants!

She has great command of the word NO! and she’s not afraid to use it. And she has a look that can kill to go along with it. She also loves her siblings and cracks me up when she calls out their names in her sleep: Yaya (Anna), Nem (Ben), and KaRA – said with a seriously rolled R (Cora). I think she might just be half German, although when I ask her in German if she’s German (Bist du Deutsch?), she answers NO! But, if she ever does WANT to say yes, it comes out: Ja. Hmmmm.

To see pictures of my oldest child with horribly dirty hands, go here.

And have I told you how much I {adore} Pic Monkey! Free {and best of all, super easy} photo editing. Gotta love that.

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