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Best Electric Knife Sharpener Work Sharp Culinary E5 Giveaway

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission on your purchase. Learn more here.

The Work Sharp Culinary E5 is one of my must have items in my minimalist kitchen. It’s the best electric knife sharpener I’ve used. Learn why you should keep your knives sharp and how easy it is to do that with the E5. Then enter to win one in our Work Sharp Culinary E5 Giveaway just for you!

Work Sharp Culinary E5, knives, a cutting board with mushrooms, and fruit

*This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission on your purchase.*

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Work Sharp Culinary E5 Giveaway

If you’re interested in cooking quickly from scratch, an electric knife sharpener is a must have in your kitchen. A sharp knife not only cuts food easier, it’s also safer. Dull blades slip easier which increase the risk of cutting your skin instead of the food. And sharp knives require less force on your part to get the desired results. If you want to easily and safely cut fruits, vegggies, and meat, you should be sharpening your knives after each and every use. It’s true!

If the thought of sharpening your knives after each and every use gives you anxiety don’t fear! There’s an easy solution: the electric knife sharpener E5 from Work Sharp Culinary.

Electric Knife Sharpener Work Sharp Culinary E5

Benefits of the Work Sharp Culinary E5

    • The world’s first sharpening belt driven knife sharpener for the kitchen.
    • It’s quiet and clean
    • Sharpening belts are gentler and create a superior edge, which is why they are used to make high-end knives.
    • Easy and quick to use with professional results.
    • It will sharpen every knife in your kitchen, including your scissors!
    • The included ceramic hone will replace the steel rod in your knife block and keep you sharp for months between sharpenings.

See how easy it is to use this electric knife sharpener!

We’ve been using the E5 for about six months now and love it. It’s a feature in my minimalist kitchen. It keeps my knives super sharp so I can easily cut cheaper cuts of meat (like whole chickens) and fruits and veggies for awesome winter smoothies and tropical nice cream. Because of the E5, I have been able to do away with other choppers that dull easily and are hard to clean. I really like having this knife sharpener in my kitchen. It’s helped me tremendously to keep my lovely knives nice and sharp!

Want to win your own best electric knife sharpener?

I’ve teamed up with my friend Nicky from Little Family Adventure and  Work Sharp Culinary to give two lucky readers their very own E5! To enter, just use the rafflecopter form below. Contest ends at 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 3.

You can buy your own on Amazing Amazon for $200 -or you can win one here! Two lucky winners! Good luck. <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway


How & Why to Use a Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Knife Sharpener

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  1. blankSamantha says

    I’ve never sharpened my knives and had them 12 years. I’ve heard that it’s dangerous to cut with a dull knife. I’d love to sharpen them and make them new.

  2. blankDarah says

    My knives are in horrible condition right now— I keep threatening to bring them over to Jenny’s house so she can sharpen them!

  3. blankMelissa Storms says

    I finally have a full set of good knives that sharpen well. I hate using the sharpener I have now, I always hit the counter or surface I am sharpening on. I think that means I am doing it wrong and would love an easier sharpener.

  4. blankJeffrey says

    I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, which I love to do, and food prep with knives is always a big part. I’m not that good a using a hone to sharpen blades and as every chef knows…A sharp knife is a safe one!

  5. blankHolly Storm-Burge says

    We have great knives but they’ve become so dull over the years. My brother sharpens them every couple of years for us, but I’d love to be able to do it myself!

  6. blankelizabeth miller says

    I would love to have an electric sharpener. because we use a stone and it is a real time consuming pain. It actually hurts my hands while doing it and my husband uses it a lot with hunting and fishing and he likes them nice and sharp.

  7. blankTamra H says

    A few years ago my husband bought me some very nice knives for Christmas, but they’ve become pretty dull. I would love to be able to sharpen them at home!

  8. blankAngelica says

    I would love to win because I’ve been borrowing my in-law’s knife sharpener for like a year! Would love to have my own. I chop a ton of veggies so I end up sharpening my knives at least three or four times a month.

  9. blankSheila K. says

    I would like to have an electric knife sharpener because it is frustrating to find that a knife I want to use is dull.

  10. blankAnnamarie V says

    I have a knife sharpener that I have had for over 15 years and it has worked wonderfully but I think it’s time for an upgrade because my kitchen knives are so important to me.

  11. blankLauryn R says

    I would love to win an electric knife sharpener because I could really use one, I cook a lot! I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis so manually sharpening my knives hurt my hands.

  12. blankAnnmarie W. says

    Anytime our knives need to be sharpened, we have a sharpening stone. And I’m scared to even touch it. My hubby used to sharpen our knives…a long time ago, when he used to cook, back before kids, when he had more time. Now he doesn’t. And our knives are pretty dull. This electric sharpener would be a dream!

  13. blankYVONNE WOODSTOCK says

    Because most people’s butter knives are probably sharper than my carving knife, paring knife, butcher knife etc.

  14. blankKaren D says

    I am not coordinated enough to use a sharpening steel, so an electric sharpener would be a great kitchen assistant.

  15. blankHope Hill says

    I love reading your blog! I have learned quite a few things from it. The person I live with and I are both disabled. Our knives have been gathered up through the year’s from thrift shops and garage sales back when we still had a vehicle. They are in sad shape and bless his heart he does his best to sharpen them with the small manual handheld one we have. It sharpens a little but not much. Since we are on such a limited budget all our meals are cooked at home so lots of chopping going on here. Winning the sharpener could make such a difference in our lives and definitely make the kitchen and cooking safer for us. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great prize. Looking forward to your next post! LOL

  16. blankDeb E says

    I have a manual knife sharpener which doesn’t work that well and I am a big fruit and veggie eater, so I use knives a lot. Thanks!

  17. blankBrigitte Bauman says

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I have never purchase a knife sharpener which would be so much better then replacing my knives.

  18. blankVikki Billings says

    I would love to win the electric knife sharpener because all of my knives are dull…they need a lot of help!!

  19. blankTina Woo says

    I do a lot of canning every summer and I’m always amazed how quickly my knives get dull even with produce like tomatoes. I’d love to have a knife sharpener so I could get them razor sharp again at home.

  20. blankFiona N says

    I would love to win and try this electric knife sharpener because it is great for my dull knives
    Thank You for the chance!

  21. blankLaurie Emerson says

    I would love to have this as I have a very old sharpener now and end up cutting myself all the time when I try and sharpen my knives.

  22. blankRust says

    Most of my knives could use a good sharpening and this sharpener looks great! Dull knives are so hard to work with.

  23. blankMarc says

    My lady friend likes good stuff, and an E5 Knife Sharpener would be just marvelous to have and great for all occasions.

  24. blankMalv says

    The captivating E5 Knife Sharpener would be fabulous for my girlfriend to use, and it would be nice to have.

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