Tips for Traveling with a Child Who Wets the Bed

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It’s bad enough when bed wetting happens at home, but it just seems so much worse to my child to have an accident while traveling. There’s not much more embarrassing than admitting to a friend while on the road that your child accidentally wet the bed. Unless you happen to be the kid who wet the bed. And then it’s downright humiliating.   Luckily, I don’t have this problem anymore, but I did, for several years. And since we travel a lot, I had to come up with a solution to keep the bed wetting accidents to a minimum.

Tips for Traveling with a child who wets the bed #ConquerBedWetting #ad

Tips for Traveling with a Child Who Wets the Bed #ConquerBedWetting

Limit liquids after a certain time in the evening

I’ve found it’s possible to decrease bed wetting incidences by limiting food and water a couple hours before bed. My kids get plenty of food and drink throughout the day so I don’t think it’s bad for them to stop drinking a bit before bed. I do allow them to have a few sips if they want, but we try really hard to cut out big drinks or snacks that will make the kids thirsty before bed. Also, don’t forgot that one last potty trip right before bed! Sometimes we forget and that’s when the accidents are sure to happen!

Tips for Traveling with a Child Who Wets the Bed - #ConquerBedWetting #ad #PampersUnderjams

Use helpful products like  Pampers Underjams and chux pads or disposable bed pads.

I find Pampers Underjams to be very helpful, because they actually come in sizes large enough for my child who still wet the bed at a more advanced age. Plus, they don’t have the stigma like diapers do. Pampers Underjams are made from comfort wear quiet, cloth-like materials for privacy, have a low waist so only your child knows they are wearing them, and are available in sizes S/M and L/XL to fit children up to 85lbs.

Travel with extra PJs

Don’t forget extra PJs. I always packed a extra pair even on short overnight and back trips. You just never know when you’ll need them!

Have a wet bag to put wet clothes in case of leaks

It’s also a good idea to have a wet bag for wet clothes. Wet bags are usual for all sorts of reasons other than bed wetting, so they have always been a staple for me after I started using them for cloth diapers we used to use.

5 Tips for Traveling with a Child Who Wets the Bed #ConquerBedWetting #ad

Facts about Bed Wetting or Enuresis

It’s not all that unusual for children to still wet the bed around age 7. In fact, 7-10% of children wet the bed from age 7-10. One of my children wet the bed until she was about 6, and I was a late bedwetter too. I remember using those bed alarms that were supposed to wake me up. I finally outgrew it and no longer wet the bed, as did my daughter, but I know how mortifying it is to wet the bed! Older kids can feel ashamed or embarrassed because of bed wetting and it’s certainly not a fun problem to have.

Tips for Traveling with a child who wets the bed #ConquerBedWetting #ad - happy kids

Summer travel is looming! If you’ve got a bed wetter, hopefully these tips will help make summer travel less stressful for you AND your kids. Give your kids what they need so they keep on smiling!

Have you had a late bed wetter? How did you cope? Head over here to download a free digital book and coloring pages from Pampers Underjams.

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