7 Ways to Support Iowa’s Agri-Tourism Scene in DeWitt, Iowa

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Nestled in the heart of Eastern Iowa, the charming town of DeWitt, Iowa has many authentic agri-tourism experiences waiting for you! Far from the crowds of more iconic and popular tourist destinations, this off the beaten path destination offers a nice blend of rural authenticity and small-town warmth. 

Dewitt hausbarn

This post is sponsored by Evolution of the Heartland, but all opinions are true and my own.

Whether you’re an out of state traveler passing through, or an Iowa local looking for your next day trip adventure, DeWitt’s unique agri-tourism scene deserves to be on your list. In DeWitt, you will find beautiful flower fields, delicious local flavors, hands-on farm adventures, winery (and soon to be brewery) escapes, as well as fun town events that bring people together. 

By participating in DeWitt, Iowa’s agri-tourism activities, you’ll be proud to support real, local families working hard to preserve Iowa’s agricultural traditions. You’ll have fun experiences and hidden educational opportunities while you (and your kids) learn about sustainable farming practices, the importance of local food systems, and the hard work that goes into putting food on our tables. The best part – you will be doing all of these things at the same time as you’re creating the best travel memories.

If you haven’t had any agri-tourism experiences, you’re missing out.

dewitt iowa

Where is DeWitt, Iowa?

DeWitt, Iowa is a charming small city in the eastern part of the state. DeWitt is the second largest city in Clinton County with a population of only a little over 5,000 residents.

Part of Iowa Historic Lincoln Highway, DeWitt is at the intersection of Iowa Highways 30 and 61. If you’re driving across Iowa on Interstate 80, it’s only 25 minutes off our main interstate. That makes DeWitt about 25 minutes from Davenport, an hour from Dubuque and Iowa City, and 2 1/2 hours from Des Moines. 

Geographically, DeWitt is located in some of Iowa’s most fertile farmland. You’ll find gently rolling hills, lush fields, and picturesque farmsteads when you visit. The Wapsipinicon River flows near the city, adding to the natural beauty of the area and providing recreational opportunities in addition to the many types of agri-tourism you can explore there.

What is Agri-tourism?

In a nutshell, agri-tourism is a form of tourism that involves visiting farms or rural areas to experience agricultural activities, learn about farming practices, and enjoy local culture and products.

It’s a great alternative to overcrowded popular tourist destinations. And, it’s a way to enjoy unique experiences while contributing to more sustainable and balanced tourism practices.

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You’ve probably taken your kids to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard, but there are a lot more types of agri-tourism to explore. Here are just a few types of agri-tourism you can find in Iowa.

  • Pick-your-own fruit orchards and flower farms
  • Farm stay experiences where you can participate in daily chores
  • Horseback riding through rural landscapes
  • Goat yoga
  • Walking alpacas
  • Fishing in farm ponds
  • Corn maze adventures
  • Wine, beer, or food trails connecting various farms and producers
  • Farm-to-table dining at local restaurants
2 women with colorful flowers

Why Choose Agri-Tourism Adventures

If you’re looking for authenticity in travel, agri-tourism is a great way to gain a genuine, hands-on appreciation for rural life and local culture. The true beauty of travel is learning about different ways of life, isn’t it? To really explore Iowa, it’s important to learn about our state’s agricultural roots.

By choosing agri-tourism adventures, you can:

  • Learn about food production, farming techniques, and agricultural heritage
  • Learn where food comes from and how it’s produced
  • Help with farm chores like milking cows or harvesting crops 
  • Gain an appreciation for sustainable farming practices and conservation

We love this type of travel because it encourages a more deliberate, immersive approach to exploring a destination. When you choose agri-tourism adventures you’re choosing slow travel, a way to connect more deeply with people living a different type of life to your own.

When you choose agri-tourism, you can be proud to help reduce pressure on over-visited cities and landmarks. You bring your tourist dollars to rural areas for a more equitable economic distribution.

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Now that you understand why you must experience agri-tourism, here are a few adventures you can have in DeWitt, Iowa.

miss effie's flower farm

7 Agri-Tourism Adventures Waiting for You in DeWitt, Iowa

Miss Effie’s Flower Farm 

Flower lovers of all ages will swoon over Miss Effie’s Flower Farm located about 10 minutes outside DeWitt. Definitely one of my favorite types of Iowa agritourism near me, this flower farm is perfect!

For a low price (currently $30) you can fill up a milk jug with any of the flowers you find at Miss Effie’s. As soon as you get out of your car, Miss Effie (whose real name is Cathy) greets you with a fun-loving smile, a milk jug, pair of snips, and a quick run down of the rules. Her rules are simple: there are no rules! You can pick whatever you like as you peruse her extensive flower gardens! 

big bouquet of colorful flowers at miss effie's flower farm blueberries (2)

From perennials like roses, lilies, and lilacs to annuals like snapdragons and zinnias, you’re sure to find your favorite flowers. What I love is that her gardens aren’t just fields of flowers. The flowers are worked into borders around her outbuildings, they’re located at the front, side, and back of her beautiful house, and they are also found in tidy rows. 

Picking flowers at Miss Effie’s is like walking through your friend’s yard while you make a bouquet. Cathy is fun and kind, quick to suggest additions to help you get the prettiest bouquet, and quick to find a kitten you’ll need to pet before you can leave.

 In addition to flower picking, she also offers classes, tea parties, and more. Check out Miss Effie’s facebook page to learn the most up-to-date happenings on her little farm.

blueberry bushes at kerr berry farm

Kerr’s Berry Farm 

Another of my favorite options for agritourism near me is Kerr’s Berry Farm. Located just outside DeWitt, this small blueberry field first opened as a u-pick farm in 2014. It’s currently tended by a great 13 year old AJ, who’s been working with his dad since he was 8 years old. 

boy in front of blueberries at kerr berry farm (2)

This year AJ handles most aspects of the u-pick farm. He takes well deserved pride in his great customer service skills as he earns money for fishing supplies (his favorite thing to spend money on) as well as a school trip to Washington DC.

I had a great chat with AJ as I was picking blueberries. First he gave me a bucket and showed me how to pick the berries. Then he patiently answered all of my questions. 

Kerr’s Berry Farm is usually open from mid June to mid July. Though the blueberries ripened earlier than normal this year, they do anticipate being open for another couple of weeks – so make an appointment and go pick while you still can!

picking blueberries at kerr berry farm

AJ’s dad originally planted 1,000 blueberry bushes in 2011, a mix of highbush and lowbush varieties. They use no-spray agricultural methods as much as possible and they have to be very careful when weeding thistle plants because they are as good at self-seeding as dandelions. I really enjoyed learning these little tidbits about growing blueberries from AJ.

Picking berries by Kerr’s Berry Farm is by appointment only. Make your appointment by messaging them on Facebook.

live music at tycoga winery

TYCOGA Winery & Distillery

TYCOGA Winery & Distillery, named after the founders’ three children, is another must-visit destination for anyone exploring DeWitt’s agritourism scene. This family-owned business offers a unique blend of rural charm and delicious flavors.

wine flight at tycoga winery

Not only can you try more than 20 types of homemade wines, homemade gin, whiskey, and vodka, woodfired pizzas, and enjoy fun entertainment on their gorgeous outdoor patio.

koi pond at tycogao winery

Set against the backdrop of picturesque Iowa farmland, TYCOGA provides visitors with an immersive experience in local viticulture and distilling. Visitors can explore the vineyard to learn about the grape varieties that thrive in Iowa’s climate and a bit about the process of winemaking as well.

cold drinks outside at tycoga winery and distellery

Learn more about TYCOGA Winery & Distillery at their website.

Pride of the Wapsi 

One of the most quintessential types of agritourism might be the pumpkin patch, and Iowa has a lot of great pumpkin patches! If a pumpkin patch is what you’re looking for in the Dewitt area, you’ll find it – and more – at the Pride of the Wapsi. Whether you’re looking for family fun, educational experiences, or simply a peaceful day in the country, Pride of the Wapsi offers a slice of authentic Iowa agritourism that shouldn’t be missed.

The Pride of the Wapsi was started more than 25 years ago by an Iowa farming family. It’s changed over the years, but current offerings include much more than a simple pumpkin patch! At Pride of the Wapsi, you’ll find:

  • A GPS planted corn maze
  • Sunflower Days (normally held in July, but this year they will be in September due to inclement spring weather which delayed the planting)
  • Goats, pigs, cows, chickens and more
  • Gnome garden
  • Pumpkin spice donuts & the Wapsi Willie Cafe

Learn more about the Pride of Wapsi on their website and find the most up-to-date information on Facebook.

dewitt farmers market

DeWitt Farmers Market 

If you’re interested in eating locally grown food, sustainable tourism, and supporting local economies, the DeWitt Farmers Market is a great place to visit. 

By purchasing directly from local producers, visitors contribute to the preservation of small-scale agriculture and help maintain the area’s rural character. It’s another form of agri-tourism that allows you to have a positive impact on the community of DeWitt.

free books for kids at dewitt operdewitt farmers marketahouse

The market is held outdoors from Mid-May through October and then indoors from November through December. The DeWitt Farmers Market takes place on Thursday afternoons from 3:30-6:30. 

Not only can you buy locally grown produce, farm fresh eggs, pastured meat, and other food products, but your family will enjoy:

  • A free kids book for all kids
  • Free kids crafts
  • Lots of delicious food trucks
  • Arts and crafts
  • Locally grown flowers and bouquets
  • Homemade soaps and other body products
  • Home baked bread, cookies, pies and more!

Your kids can also play at the park at Lincoln Park. And, if you get there early enough, you may enjoy visiting the German Hausbarn Museum to learn about the historic German barn that was dismantled in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and reassembled in DeWitt, Iowa.

Find current information about the DeWitt Farmers Market on Facebook.

dewitt operahouse

DeWitt Main Street District

While not a farm or vineyard, the historic DeWitt Main Street district plays an important showcase for how agricultural heritage shapes the culture and economy of small Iowa towns. When you visit this four block area, you’ll find a lot of locally owned businesses, restaurants, and cute shops to explore. Make sure to save some time during your visit to DeWitt to stroll down the Main Street district. 

Just a few of the businesses you can check out include:

Evolution of the Heartland

To take a deeper dive into agri-tourism in Iowa, check out Evolution of the Heartland! In partnership with Travel Iowa, Evolution of the Heartland has put together four different Immersive Rural Iowa Tours. These tours celebrate Iowa’s agricultural roots and also show how rural communities are adapting to modern times. If you’d like a unique perspective on modern rural life you’ll want to attend one of their events! 

Your first opportunity for an Evolution of the Heartland Event will take place in DeWitt! On July 25, you have the opportunity to:

  • Tour the community of Dewitt
  • Visit a 6+ generation family farm to learn about cutting edge agriculture innovation
  • Learn how another family farm, Moore Local, transitions from farm to local market 
  • Learn about cutting edge IVF in the beef industry
  • Take a quarry tour of Wendling Quarries

The DeWitt event is an opportunity for both locals and tourists to experience the evolving culture of rural communities like DeWitt. It will be a great showcase of the transformations rural America is making while staying true to its core values and heritage.

Many of the things you’ll do on an Immersive Rural Iowa Tour are things you can only do on this tour. The experiences are not something you can just show up and do as an everyday tourist. 

These Four Immersive Rural Iowa Tours offered through Evolution of the Heartland:

  • DeWitt, Iowa – July 25
  • Staton, Iowa – September 12
  • Coon Rapids, Iowa – September 26
  • Manning, Iowa – October 3

Buy your tickets here and save $25 on your registration fee by using my coupon code SLL25 when you purchase!

Have I piqued your interest to experience agri-toursim in Iowa? What types of ag encounters have you done before and what’s still on your bucket list?

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