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You will want to know these 5 benefits of natural deodorant! Stay stink-free with Toms of Maine new deodorant - free of aluminum & other harmful chemicals.

We have been using natural deodorants for a number of years and really like it. There are many benefits of natural deodorant and if you’re not currently using one, here’s why you’ll want to try! #WhyISwitched #DeoSwitch

Benefits of Natural Deodorant

1. Aluminum free.

I switched to a natural deodorant many years ago, originally because I wanted something that was free of aluminum. I’ve found aluminum-free deodorant just works better on my skin and doesn’t cause some problems that I’ve experienced over the years.

2. Doesn’t irritate skin. 

Another reason I like natural deodorants is because they don’t irritate my skin. My husband also has to very picky about the deodorant he uses because many cause annoying red bumps under his arms. Since nothing in blocks sweat pores, we’ve found our skin is less likely to become irritated (which also means it shaves nicer!)

 3. No residue.

Do you love that nasty white residue left behind by many deodorants? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Tom’s of Maine. There’s no residue in the natural deodorants I use. I hate finding that white deodorant spot on clothes and am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about it anymore, since switching to a natural deodorant.

4. Natural fragrance.

I like to avoid synthetic fragrances and other petrochemicals so another thing I like about Tom’s of Maine is their use of natural fragrance. Natural fragrances smell so much better to me!  My favorite of the new scents are Tea Tree, Wild Lavender, and Fresh Apricot.

5. Better for the environment.

Finally, I love Tom’s of Maine’s Stewardship Model. They source quality ingredients, don’t test on animals, recycle, and use sustainable energy to produce their products. Their process is something you can feel good about supporting as it’s better for the environment.

You will want to know these 5 benefits of natural deodorant! Stay stink-free with Toms of Maine new deodorant - free of aluminum & other harmful chemicals.

Bottom line, Tom’s of Maine natural deodorants work for my family and keep me happy and stink-free. If you’re looking for new and healthier products for you and your family, I highly encourage you to try . They’ve been making natural products for decades and their new deodorant formula with improved natural scents is really nice!

Finally, give your body time to adjust!

By the way, if you’re new to natural deodorants, be kind to your body and give it at least a week to adjust to the new formula. Give yourself at least seven days to try each scent. Your body needs to become accustomed to the new non-toxic formula, and since each scent affects people differently, one scent might not work that well for you. Try each one to see which one you like best! Please learn more about Tom’s of Maine on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You will want to know these 5 benefits of natural deodorant! Stay stink-free with Toms of Maine new deodorant - free of aluminum & other harmful chemicals.

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  1. I love Tom’s of Maine! So far, they’re the only natural female deodorant, without anti-perspirant, that I’ve found in the women’s deodorant section or smells at my local grocery stores. I love the peach smell. I’d love to try their other smells, too.

  2. I would like to try the Original Care Deodorant please. I’m a little leery because I tried the Jason brand and it was awful!!! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  3. I’d like to try the Lemongrass. (Actually, that’s disingenuous. I *have* tried the lemongrass many times and I love the way it smells.)

  4. I would honestly love to try peach I have tried the lavender one once before the smell got to me after awhile but over all love the product!!

  5. I have made my own deodorant using tea tree and lavender, but it would be nice to have both of those scents on hand if I run out or need to travel!