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13 Simple, Elegant, Handmade Hygge Gifts for Every Price Range

Do you know someone who has jumped on the Hygge bandwagon this year? This gift guide is for them! Simple, elegant gift ideas to give a little cozy to the favorite people in your life.

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13 Simple, Elegant, Perfect Hygge Gifts for Every Price Range

Have you heard of the Danish concept of coziness, or Hygge? Hygge became popular outside Denmark a few years ago and many people around the world are embracing this beautiful concept of simplicity and coziness. Pronounced Hoo-Gah, it helps a lot of people not only make it through the cold, dark winters, but actually enjoy them too.

If you like being cozy, prefer minimal home decor, and using natural materials, this concept is for you! Hygge has been the like wool, soy candles, defining life concept of the Danish people who are consistently rated as some of the happiest on earth. Add a little hygge cheer to your life with this gift guide specially curated with coziness in mind.

Best of all, when you buy one of these gifts, you help support a small business! Many of the ideas are hand-crafted right here in USA and there are still many gift options that will arrive before Christmas!


Simple, Elegant, Perfect Hyyge Gifts

If you have friends who have jumped on the Hygge bandwagon, here are 13 gift ideas they will really enjoy! Warmth, friendliness, and good cheer abound with each of these ideas.

Which gift caught your eye? I love them all so much. I’d happily take any delivered to my door. <3

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Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

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