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De Soto National Memorial, in Sarasota, Florida

We’re having a fabulous time in Florida. We’ve been to the beach, the Goodwill bookstore, drag queen bingo, Myakka River State Park, fishing… and today we went to De Soto National Memorial. It was beautiful! And very educational. Here are some pictures from our afternoon there:

De Soto National Memorial, in Sarasota, Florida

Gumbo Limbo Tree – otherwise known as a Tourist Tree because it stands in the sun, gets red, and peels…yes I can relate!

Hernado De Soto came ashore in the Tampa Bay area at a spot like this in 1539- it’s a beautiful area! He brought with him pigs (not native to America) and is blamed for the US pig industry as well as the feral pig problem in many US states.

Beautiful shells we found but had to leave behind…can’t take things out of National Parks, you know.

Starfish and shells

A starfish in the water

Cora walking on the beach

Sleeping baby

Ben in a conquistador outfit

Anna in a conquistador outfit

Tomorrow we’re off to  Sea World! The next day it’s hopefully jet skiing in the Bay and then it’s unfortunately time to head north – for the three day trek back to Iowa. I hope spring beats us home! I’m ready to get my hands dirty in my garden.


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