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Hisself? or Himself?

Tell me you guys all know that HISSELF is another one of those words that’s not really a word, right?

Hisself or Himself ~ 5 minute grammar lesson

I get HISSELF a lot from my college comp I students and I’m always floored. I didn’t know it even existed until I started teaching college classes.

However, now that I also have young children I can see where it comes from. That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable at all in my house. My children are gently corrected each time they use HISSELF and I will get less gentle in my corrections the older they get if it continues because HISSELF is an awful word. Delete it from your vocabulary if you use it. And for heaven’s sake, don’t include it in a formal paper you write for your English teacher!

And that’s the weekly 5 Minute Grammar Lesson. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That does not grate my nerves nearly as much as the improper use of "Myself." "Hisself" is street slang, and we've gotten so, um, not left behind that someone can get away with that all through high school. While ignorant, it is honest. "Myself" is all too often used by someone who is stupid and wants to sound authoritative. "Bob and myself utilized the company vehicle to attend the Time Management Conference." "When you finish the report hand it to myself." "You need to meet with myself before you leave for the day." ("Let me reach over the boardroom table and choke you myself....")
  2. I'm awful when it comes to the English language. Yes it is the only one I know, and I'm still awful. Even I would know that Hisself is not a real word!! How could you even see it in writing and not think that it looks too wrong to be right? I love your 5 minute grammar lessons. Thanks for sharing!

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