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How to Peel an Entire Head of Garlic in Under One Minute

I can’t remember what I was searching for the day I stumbled upon this idea, but let’s just say that this kitchen tip makes my life whole lot easier at this time of year when I am peeling garlic left and right!

peel garlic in under 1 minute

Here’s a quick tip for how you can Peel an Entire Head of Garlic in Under One Minute without touching the cloves or using a knife! 

It’s very simple, really. To do this, all you need are two large bowls and your garlic head!

head of garlicDon’t you love garlic? Oh yum…

smash garlic with your handFirst, smash the garlic with the heal of your hand to break up the cloves.
put garlic in a bowlPut the garlic cloves in a bowl,

how to peel garlic

Cover with another bowl. And shake the crap out of the bowls! Better yet, get your kid to do it for you. 🙂

easiest way to peel garlic

Viola! Peeled garlic in under a minute –> without getting your hands dirty or using a knife!

This Youtube video claims you can do it in under 10 seconds. I must be slow. 😉 Go. Watch. Be amazed!


  1. What???? I was so lazy this morning as I was trying to rush out the door to work that I used powdered garlic instead of fresh (which I have on hand just didn't want to take the time nor have my fingers smell at work) when preparing my pot roast in the crock pot!
  2. On a cooking show I also saw them demonstrate peeling garlic with 2 bowls by putting the garlic in one bowl, then nesting the the other bowl inside with the garlic between. They just applied some pressure and twisted the top bowl.

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