5 Reasons Shopping at ALDI Makes us Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise


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5 Reasons Shopping at ALDI makes us healthy, wealthy, and wise from SimplifyLiveLove.com

Recently, I was honored to attend an event at the ALDI Test Kitchens in Batavia, Illinois. If you’re a regular reader of SimplifyLiveLove, you know that I’ve been a loyal, life-long ALDI shopper, starting when I was a young girl in Germany. ALDI saves me time, ALDI saves me money, and ALDI provides an overall healthy product line that I am comfortable feeding to my family.

ALDI test kitchen store tour from SimplifyLiveLove.com

Before I went on this trip with ALDI, I thought I knew everything there was to know about shopping there. But I was really wrong. I learned so much during my tour of an ALDI store in the Chicago area and I’m excited to share you with a list of the progressive reasons ALDI is a top-notch grocer in the USA and why you MUST shop there if you don’t already!

5 Reasons Shopping at ALDI Makes us Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

ALDI's Simply Nature Line

  1. ALDI provides healthy and organic food at rock-bottom prices

Every time I go to ALDI, I am amazed at how little I spend and the awesome products I find. Looking for organic grass-fed beef? ALDI has it. How about KerryGold cheese? Gluten-Free selections? Organic milk? Organic apples? Chemical-free lunch meats? Organic peanut butter? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes AND yes – you can find all of that and more at ALDI. I was excited to learn that ALDI private label, the SimplyNature line, will never contain any of these 125 nasty, and unsafe, ingredients. Many of the SimplyNature products are organic, a lot are non-GMO certified, and more products are being added to this line all the time. I love to find 49 cent pomegranates and avocados!! And a couple of weeks ago I stocked up on 24 ounce cans of organic crushed tomatoes (on close-out for 75 cents each) and organic tomato paste for 19 cents each!! My pantry looks like an aisle at ALDI. You can’t beat their prices, or quality, and that’s part of the reason ALDI is one of my go-to grocery stores.

ALDI's Double Guarantee

  1. ALDI has a double guarantee on most of its products. 

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with almost any ALDI exclusive brand food products you buy at ALDI, ALDI will gladly replace the product AND refund your money. To receive the Double Guarantee, the product packaging and any unused product must be returned to your local ALDI Store Manager. (There are a few exceptions to the Double Guarantee though. It does not apply to non-food Special Buy items, alcohol, national brands and non-quality related issues.)

5 Reasons Shopping at ALDI Makes Us Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

  1. ALDI is an innovator in streamlined efficiency.

With stores that average 10,000 square feet, ALDI stores are about a quarter of the size of the more traditional grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking diversity. They stock a full assortment of fresh, frozen, baked and canned goods; international chocolates; spices, baking supplies and sweets; and wine and beer (depending on state laws). The small size really means that you can get in and out of ALDI fast. I love being able to run through their 4-6 aisles in under half an hour. While you might think fewer product choices is bad, I don’t think so at all. Because ALDI has committed to removing many ingredients that I like to avoid, I know I can trust their products. They also clearly label products for allergy concerns which is crucial for people who suffer from food allergies.

Streamlined efficiency at ALDI from SimplifyLiveLove.com

I might be a nerd, but I was seriously interested in the quick and efficient way ALDI stores are stocked. Next time you’re there – notice that their products are not removed the boxes they are shipped in! Employees simply take boxes of products to their home, stack, open, and voila! Stocked store! The products also contain barcodes on all sides to make check out easier – which is why I never groan too much at register lines because the checkers move so quickly! So fascinating to have a behind the scenes look at ALDI business practices.

  1. ALDI treats its employees well.

Not only do I love ALDI products, I am also impressed with how well they treat their employees. ALDI is one of the only grocery stores where cashiers sit while ringing up groceries. Employees are provided with ergonomically-correct chairs so their bodies are strained less as they work. All ALDI employees are cross-trained to not only check out groceries, but also to keep the food stocked on the shelves, so they’re doing a variety of work instead of standing at a register for their entire shift. And finally, ALDI employees are eligible for health, dental and 401k with only a 25 hour work week! We’re a self-employed small business ourselves and we also try to take care of our employees, so I can really support other companies that treat their employees right.

ALDI Truths

  1. ALDI listens to customer concerns.

People want better food. Period. We want to be able to trust what we’re eating and pronounce the ingredients.  I was thrilled earlier in the year when I found out ALDI is phasing out added MSG, synthetic colors and partially hydrogenated oils from all ALDI private label products by the end of this year, and I am stoked to check out the list of 125 products that ALDI will never put in their SimplyNature line! And these product changes were initiated because consumers like you and me told ALDI that we’re concerned about the ingredients in the food we buy! Before I went on my trip, I was supposed to ask my readers if they had any questions they’d like me ask ALDI. Well, I didn’t get many questions, but that didn’t stop me from asking questions anyway. I was surprised by how seriously ALDI takes their customer requests! If you have a product you’d like ALDI to carry, or a concern about anything in their stores, let them know! They’ll do their best to make your wishes a reality – like carrying cilantro to go with the rock bottom prices on their avocados so you can make the best guacamole in the world. 😀

By the way, if you’ve never been to ALDI before, make sure you take a quarter for the cart (you’ll get it back as long as you return the cart to the cart corral), your own bags or you’ll have to buy them there, and cash or a debit card because ALDI does not accept credit cards! These are more ways ALDI is able to keep their prices so low!

I’m always surprised when people tell me ALDI quality is lacking. You guys, it’s not. ALDI makes it easier to shop quickly, at prices most people can afford, while selling products that are better for our health! I hope you will give ALDI a chance if you have one in your area! And if you learned something new in this post, I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. We love shopping at ALDI. We get great quality products and stay on our food budget, I was able to get grass fed ground beef for $2.99 a pound (clearance). I bought all they had.

  2. I am an Aldi fanatic! I absolutely love, love, love this store. I didn’t know just how well they treat their employees, but I am not surprised. I didn’t think I could be more impressed, but they continue to raise the bar.

  3. We love shopping at ALDI, too. I’ve heard people say the same about quality and I just remind them that you aren’t paying for brand name advertising!

  4. I just did all of my Thanksgiving shopping at Ali. great prices!!!! Then I wen to Hy vee to get 5 items that Aldi didn’t have and spent almost the same amount.

  5. Isn’t it funny that we both have been shopping at ALDI for years, yet we still learned a great bit during the trip? Treating their employees well and giving them benefits after working 25 hours makes me love them even more. It was great meeting you during the trip!

  6. although COMPANY wise, it’s a great place, but….I have come and gone so many times to Aldi’s since it began basically ( a long time)…way back when, their products were basic and bearable – if you wanted a canned item, you got it-the bare basic in making. Through the years, yes, they have expanded their product line, but….the cheese is like tasteless rubber, the sugary items are WAY too sweet, the fried items are WAY too greasy and their salty items are WAY too salty. The meat is older and drier. I mean, I still go there in a pinch, but…I have to really think hard about it. The fruits and vegs are decent priced, but honestly, you walk out spending a lot more than you planned on and their prices have increased A LOT. I don’t normally post on blogs, but after a headline like that, I wanted to see what I’ve been missing…the only thing I didn’t know was the company is good. Other than that, since I know in advance the QUALITY of the food- I really really must want something there to go there – the salt and wasted money on tasteless or greasy items just isn’t worth it, even to save $5.

  7. Also, Aldi is owned by the same family that owns Trader Joes and the stores are set up with the same type of model. And I am not recalling if they are Swiss or…but the chocolates and other goodies are true blue European imports and the chocolate is delicious and so is the price! I live in southern California now and I miss my Aldi store back in Ohio!