Central Discount Store in Kalona, Iowa


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If you like shopping at discount Amish stores to save money and you’re near Kalona, Iowa, make sure you check out the Central Discount Store! Affectionately called Bent & Dent because some of the wares it sells have damaged containers, this store sometimes has really good deals. Here’s what you need to know about Central Discount Grocery Store in Kalona.

Central Discount Grocery Store Kalona Iowa

Central Discount Store

One way I try to keep a low grocery budget is to shop at Amish stores. I live about 45 minutes from Kalona, Iowa which features the largest settlement of Amish people west of the Mississippi. There are quite a few Amish stores in the area that I love to visit, and Central Discount Grocery is one of them. 

Hours for Central Discount Grocery

Location & Hours of Operation

Central Discount Grocery is located at 2298 540th St SW, Kalona, just passed the new Kalona Creamery and Stringtown Grocery Store. It has limited business hours and is only open three days a week: Monday & Wednesday (8-5), and Saturday ( 8-3). It’s important to know these hours of operation so you don’t show up when they’re closed. I’ve gone to Kalona on Tuesdays more times than I care to admit…

Bent & Dent Central discount Grocery

What you need to know about Central Discount Store

While it can be a great way to say money, there are a few things you  need to be aware of in addition to the limited business hours!

  1. First of all, bring cash or a checkbook because they don’t take credit cards.
  2. The prices are amazing! Organic cereal for $1.50 and under, organic granola bars for under $1 a box, huge cans of organic tomatoes for under $1 can! I enjoy bargain hunting there.
  3. Bring your own bags or box up your groceries in the boxes they have on hand.
  4. Make sure you check expiration dates as many of the items they sell are expired. Quite frankly, expiration dates don’t scare me off on some items. That’s your own personal call, but I do sometimes buy items that are a couple months out of date. I won’t buy all expired items, but I’m just not worried about most of those dates.
  5. I have seen some moldy products there so make sure you look items over well.
  6. It’s owned and operated by Amish people and they appreciate modestly dressed customers. 🙂

What I buy at Central Discount Store in Kalona Iowa

What I buy at Central Discount Store

I personally buy a lot of organic products at Central Discount. My kids love when we go there because I generally come home loaded with cereal, granola bars, and gum. We usually plan visits to this store around times when I will be traveling and need to make sure that my family has convenience items to eat. My kids also love to go before we go on road trips to get road trip snacks and gum. We’re leaving this week for South Dakota, Montana, and Seattle and we’re stocking up!

While I do find lots of organic brands that I like: Annie’s, Nature’s Path, Muir Glen, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Horizon, Cascadian Farm, Bob’s Red Mill, Enjoy Life, it is hit and miss. Sometimes I find nothing, and sometimes I find a ton. You just have to be flexible and enjoy what you find. Central Discount Stores sells a large variety of conventional and organic food products, everything from aluminum foil, to kid’s books, to over-the-counter medicine and toiletries!

Have you been to Central Discount Store? What did you think? I’m also curious what you think about expiration dates on food…share your thoughts!

Everything you need to know about Central Discount Store in Kalona Iowa. Where it is, hours of operation, what they sell, and how to pay!

About Michelle Marine

Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long-time green-living enthusiast, and rural Iowa mom of four. She empowers families to grow and eat seasonal, local foods; to reduce their ecological footprint; and to come together through impactful travel.

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  1. I’m not overly concerned with expiration dates, but some foods do taste better if the use by date isn’t too far off. Oils and nuts can go rancid.

  2. I have been there and love the place! You’re right about the expiration dates but agree that it depends on the product. Some items are on the shelf because of the box being slightly crushed, etc. It’s definitely a great place to check out.

  3. I like the Central Discount store – it’s like an adventure.. Great for stock-piling! I don’t get super hung up on the exp dates but do agree I can’t ignore it on certain items.. I am glad I read your blog because I was thinking they used to be open on Fridays..

    1. I think you’re right and they were open on Fridays in the past! They do seem to change their hours from time to time. 🙂

  4. I went there yesterday. I live 2 hours away but thought it might be fun. We have one 30 minutes away but no longer go because they have bugs. I went with many children in tow. I bought 2 large boxes of discount food and tossed about 5% if they didn’t have the discount boxes I would have been a bit disappointed. I did buy many bags of granola cereal and hoped it was not stale. It was clean and organized. It was good sized and had variety.The only downfall is I didn’t think the staff was friendly. They women in the aisles putting food away didn’t ask if we needed help finding anything. The cashier didn’t say anything.

    1. The staff is very quiet there – I’ve noticed it too. I think English might actually be their second language? Maybe they’re just uncomfortable talking to mainstream people.

  5. Don”t be afraid to ask questions. I have asked for help sometimes because I can’t carry much weight at a time. They are very friendly. It isn’t your usual grocery store. I go here often. Grandkids love to go with us.

  6. They are opened on Fridays from 8A.M. to 5P.M. again! I took a friend from another state down and she was in love.

    1. Yes! I saw that a couple weeks ago and meant to update the post, but got sidetracked. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  7. I love this store. I have celiac and covid took my job away so I appreciate the cheap but high quality food. I checked with the experts on expiration dates for each type of food. They’re safe. Luckily I haven’t had any mild issues. We go here twice a month.

  8. I’ve been there a number of times over the years. The Staff is friendly, but tend to keep to themselves… Happy to answer questions. Every now and then a small group of younger ladies will be stocking the shelves and break out into a beautiful harmonized hymn or something… Kind of an interesting place. If you are there, stop in… Don’t wear your swim suite! 🙂

  9. We live about 30 min north of Kalona, in Iowa City and we love going down to Central Discount (and Stringtown) as well!! It’s a great money saving option in the area for sure!

  10. You really need to update your article. They are open on Fridays also.
    Friday 8AM–5PM
    Saturday 8AM–3PM
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 8AM–5PM
    Tuesday Closed
    Wednesday 8AM–5PM
    Thursday Closed
    They have fresh bread now. They have all kinds of new items also!!