Decrease Toxins in your home with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients


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Reduce toxins {and save money at the same time} in your home with these four frugal cleaning ingredients! Your family and your health will thank you. You’ll happily notice how you save on space from only storing and using 4 ingredients, but you’ll smile while cleaning due to saving time while cleaning efficiently through each and every room of the house.

Decrease Toxins with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients

Decrease Toxins with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients

The world we live in is a dirty place. Even a spotless home can be a haven for nasty toxins – especially if the very “cleaners” you use are more harmful than beneficial. Tight, energy efficient homes are good for energy preservation, but sometimes make for dirty indoor air quality because leached chemicals have no place to go and just build up in homes {especially if you never open your windows}. Toxins in food, toxins in our clothes, toxins in our make-up and soaps: sometimes it’s hard to know where to start to clean up.

One of the first steps I made to clean up my house was to stop buying commercial cleaners which are notorious for leaching toxins. They may smell clean, but they aren’t safe. Making homemade cleaners is a quick and frugal way to decrease toxins in your life. Most cleaners are easy to prepare, easy to use, and best of all, they work great!

Here are four frugal, effective, and safe ingredients no green home should be without:

1. White Vinegar

Decrease Toxins with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients

White vinegar is the quintessential, frugal home cleaning ingredient. It’s all natural, effective, and has antibacterial qualities. It’s safe for you, safe for your children, safe for your pets, safe for the environment. And best of all, it can be used to clean your kitchen, your bathroom, your woodwork, your floors, and your laundry. I use vinegar to wash my fruits & veggies and to clean just about everything in my house! The easiest way to use it is to dilute with water, add to a squirt bottle, and start cleaning! This helpful website here has a lot more information on vinegar if you’d like even more ideas.

2. Baking Soda

Decrease Toxins with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients

Another must have in my house is Baking Soda. Also very frugal, also very versatile, baking soda is used in a whole host of applications. I use it to clean my kitchen sink, keep my drains clean, deodorize my fridge, make my laundry soap, clean my carpet, freshen my trash can, and bake cookies! How nice is that? This website has even more uses for baking soda.

3. Borax

Decrease Toxins with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients

Borax is a natural mineral compound great for all sorts of cleaning. Use it to whiten your sink, freshen your toilets, and boost your laundry. My kids also love borax for making slime.

4. Lemon

Decrease Toxins with 4 Frugal Cleaning Ingredients

A natural whitening agent, lemon juice is great for some many things. From cleaning your sink to cleaning your cutting boards – you’ll want fresh lemon juice in your frugal cleaning ingredient arsenal!

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  1. Great ideas. I soaked my lemon peels in water to use in the final rinse for laundry and sometimes in my hair. I then chucked it in the compost as it breaks down quickly in that state ( i also live in a warm climate). From now on I will be using citrus infused vinegar for the laundry – as soon as the first lot is ready!

  2. Baking soda is a great product to be used as a carpet freshener. You just sprinkle it on the carpet and then leave it for an hour to settle and then vacuum the entire carpet.

  3. With the surfacing of different cleaning materials, we are no longer sure which of these are safe for the family. Thus, it becomes common that people go for more natural or toxic-free remedies. Thank you for sharing these ideas. These will definitely benefit all homeowners; consequently, our environment.

  4. Thanks for the advice 😀 Just wanted to mention that I found a surprising number of professional companies actually use natural and/or non-harsh chemicals as part of their service. As a disabled person I find this a great middle ground. I can personally recommend carpet cleaning birmingham but there are plenty on Google if you’re not in the area.