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Fun Things to Bring Camping for Ultimate Camping Fun

Fun things to take camping shown on a picnic table

In these days constant electronic use, camping can be a great way to connect with your family and with nature. If you’re going camping this year, make sure to check out this list of fun things to bring camping for ultimate camping fun!

*This post on fun things to bring camping is sponsored by EcoSurvivor by Jasco. All opinions are mine. #ecosurvivor*

Fun Things to Bring Camping for Ultimate Camping Fun

meat on a grill and a bunch of camping chairs around a campfire

Dan and I used to camp a lot, pre-kids. After having four kids in quick succession, though, we got out of camping because it just seemed like an awful lot of work with so many young kids. Last year we finally got back outside and had a blast camping in the Cascades of Washington State. This summer we’re very excited to head to Yellowstone for a week of camping too.

Essentially, we’re starting over on the camping front. Last year my sister took care of all the camping supplies but this year, we’re on our own. So I’m putting together lists and gathering camping supplies now to make our camping adventures as awesome as possible.

Here are items I think we’ll need to take along for ultimate camping fun. I’m not talking camping supplies per se, just a few necessities for FUN – like a good attitude, a willingness to try, and a few tangible items:

  • Small games, because the goal is to put electronics down, right, and rely on each other for amusement
  • EcoSurvivor USB Lantern & flashlights, because we’ll need to see to play those games and find things in the dark!
  • A portable speaker, because music is always nice
reading a book in a hammock at a campsite
  • A ukulele, they’re just so fun and easy for campfire amusement
  • A hammock, because they make things right in the camping world
  • A book you’ve been meaning to read for ever
  • A journal for doodling, writing, and pressing flowers
playing in the Cascade River

EcoSurvivor’s Water4 Mission

Camping is a great way reconnect with family, and it also does wonders for appreciating the beauty and wonder of nature. It helps us realize that we need to be good stewards of the earth, too. One reason I’m excited to partner with EcoSurvivor on this post is because of their commitment to clean water. If you’re a long time reader here, you know that clean drinking water is one of my passions. I know what’s like to worry about drinking water, because our own well water is unsafe to drink.

EcoSurvivor Water4 Purpose
balancing rocks in the cascade river

Millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean water either. While we take safe drinking water mostly for granted in the USA, women in Africa walk an average of 3.75 miles to collect their water. Their kids don’t get to play in clean water like mine did last summer in the Cascades. Sadly, 80% of illnesses in developing countries are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.

I’m pleased to tell you about Jasco’s Water4 mission –  a nonprofit organization empowering people to eradicate their own water crisis through entrepreneurship, education and technology. To support clean water for everyone, EcoSurvivor by Jasco will donate 50% of their net profits to help nearly 1 billion people improve access to clean water and help prevent over 3 million deaths each year. That’s a mission I can get behind. Learn more about Jasco’s Water 4 Mission here.

EcoSurvivor USB Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker by Jasco 

EcoSurvivor USB Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker by Jasco 

Eco Survivor Bluetooth Speaker and EcoSurvivor USB Lantern

It’s easy to support Jasco’s mission because they have some really cool camping products. We’re excited to add a few EcoSurvivor items to our camping kit this year and support clean water at the same time. They’ll come in really handy when we’re camping at Yellowstone in July. 

The nice thing about the EcoSurvivor gear is that its rugged construction means my kids (who break everything) won’t be able to break these. They are dust, impact, and water resistant.

We really like the USB Lantern that includes three different light levels and can also charge a cell phone in an emergency. It’s dimmable and battery operated, so we don’t need fuel or matches to turn it on. On the lowest light level, the lantern provides 200 hours of light.

While we prefer fair weather camping, we’ve been in some pretty nasty weather at campsites before. It’s comforting that this lantern will continue to work even in the rain or splashing water. It’s rated IP54 and also protects against sand and dust in addition to water.

Campfire at a campsite

The other EcoSurvivor item we really like is their portable speaker. It’s powered by a rechargeable 4,000 mAh battery and can play music for up to 12 hours. It’s easy to see how much battery is left with the fuel gauge button and the handle comes in really for carrying it around.

Are you a camping family? I’d love to hear what fun things you take along camping and I’d also love to hear your thoughts on this EcoSurvivor gear! Have you tried their products? What did you think?

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