Pattern Blocks and Task Cards ~ Quiet Multi-Age Activity

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Yesterday was not a stellar day in my mom world. My kids were at each other’s throats {and mine}. They didn’t want to cooperate with anyone. And yelling seemed to be the order of business at our house. I swear, if someone had happened by our house during one of my “moments,” that person may have called for an intervention. It was U.G.L.Y. pattern play cards and blocks Today, I determined that things would go differently. I am lucky to have at my disposal an enormous amount of homeschooling materials, so I went down into my dungeon and drug out a couple things that haven’t seen the light of day in quite a while: Pattern Block Activity Cards and Plastic Pattern Blocks .

I was delighted when it afforded me a morning of quiet activity and cooperation among my preschooler and first grader. During the morning, they really enjoyed it. They spread everything out on the floor and worked nicely together creating shapes from the cards. IMG_2045-001 They created some fun shapes! IMG_2054 And we learned about patterns, parallel lines, hexagons, colors. DSC_0321-001 The almost three year old had a lot of fun, too! IMG_2048 She mostly just created strings of blocks, though. She didn’t really follow the cards at all. What was important to me, though, was that she was engrossed in a fun task. I didn’t really care what she did. DSC_0313-001 And when my third grader came home from school, she enjoyed creating her own patterns, too!

Of course, by the end of the day, the calm and order from the morning was gone.  And the yelling returned. So much for the utopia of the morning. But it was sure nice while it lasted, and it’s wine time now! 🙂

If you’re looking for a fun, educational, and quiet activity that occupies a wide range of ages, I really recommend these Pattern Blocks and Task Cards. 🙂

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