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How to Make Waldorf Stars + 25 Winter Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for winter activities for your Waldorf Homeschool, these Waldorf Stars are for you! Gorgeous and easy – they also help birds from dive bombing into your windows.

waldorf star

How to Make Waldorf Stars & Winter Activities for your Waldorf Homeschool

Every year, we celebrate the winter solstice with a Waldorf Solstice Spiral. It’s a beautiful, solemn way to welcome the light back and to learn a bit about the winter solstice. We enjoy adding natural Waldorf Activities to our daily routine, so these learning how to make these easy Waldorf stars was right up our alley.

If you’re looking for activities for your Waldorf Homeschool, you’ll like this list. Not only are we showing you how to make these easy paper stars, we’re also giving you a list of many more activities your children will enjoy this winter.

These easy Waldorf Stars are really simple origami stars. They require only three folds, kite paper, glue, and tape. Even your young kiddos will be able to make these beautiful paper stars! Check out how easy they are to make.

kite paper


  • Kite paper – you can use regular origami paper if you want, but the thin kite paper lets more light shine through if you want to hang these lovely stars in your windows.
  • Glue sticks – you’ll need glue sticks to glue the star points together
  • Tape you’ll need tape to hang the stars in your windows

How to Make Easy Waldorf Stars

It’s as easy as one two three to make these cute stars.

step one - fold kite paper in half

First, fold eight kite paper squares half to make triangles.

step two - fold two points in

Then, open the paper back up, and fold the two points to the center crease, making a kite shape.

step 3 - glue everything together

Last, glue all the kite pieces together – matching up the point end. You might also want to glue the kite flaps down as well.

finished star
Yield: Make however many stars you want

How to Make Waldorf Stars

waldorf star

These beautiful, easy paper stars are the perfect winter activity for bored kids!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  1. First, fold eight kite paper squares half to make triangles.
  2. Then, open the paper back up, and fold the two points to the center crease, making a kite shape.
  3. Next, glue the kite flaps down.
  4. Finally, glue all the kite pieces together – matching up the point end.

Did you make this project?

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 25 More Winter Activities for Your Waldorf Homeschool

Homeschool Ideas for Winter

It can be tough to keep your kids occupied when the weather is cold and nasty – so if you’re having trouble coming up with winter activities, print out this winter activity list and cross them all off as you complete each idea!

  1. Blow bubbles outside and watch as they crystallize before your eyes!
  2. Track wildlife prints left in the snow.
  3. Paint in the snow using spray or squirt bottles filled with water and food coloring.
  4. Create a snow people village!
  5. Make icicle art using colored ice cubes.
  6. Bake bread together. Learn how to make delicious sourdough bread here.
  7. Study animals that hibernate.
  8. Celebrate holidays around the world.
  9. Shovel show. No really! 🙂
  10. Make bird feeders for winter birds.
  11. Learn how ice is formed.
  12. Grate cinnamon sticks.
  13. Download and play my snowflake matching card game.
  14. Do bark rubbings.
  15. Plant chilled spring bulbs in pots for spring.
  16. Cut out paper snowflakes.
  17. Make popsicle stick snowflakes.
  18. Learn about hobbies or activities that are popular in the winter – watch the winter olympics!
  19. Investigate what will freeze and what will melt.
  20. Do a winter scavenger hunt.
  21. Make a snow fort or snow castle!
  22. Play tic-tac- snow
  23. Play in the carrot on the snowman.
  24. Learn about the winter solstice.
  25. Bake and decorate cookies.
waldorf stars on windows

What are some of your favorite winter activities? Will you make these lovely Waldorf Stars for your windows too?

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