How to Make Waldorf Stars

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Are you looking for winter Waldorf activities to do with the kids? Waldorf window stars are gorgeous and easy to make with all ages. They take the art of papercrafting and mix it with the magic of color and light.

Waldorf stars, also known as kite paper stars bring a touch of warmth and creativity to any space. They cast a gentle glow from natural sunlight. As an added bonus, they also keep birds from divebombing your windows.

There are several Waldorf star tutorials out there, but this one is my favorite. It’s beautiful, yet simple. It’s also very easy for little kids to make so it can be a whole family project with no tears or fuss.

colorful waldorf star hanging in window with snowy winter background

What is a Waldorf Star?

A Waldorf star has its roots in Waldorf education wich emphasizes creativity and a connection to nature. These stars have become icons of Waldorf classrooms and homeschools.

Waldorf stars serve both decorative and educational purposes. They are used to explore themes of light, color, and form. The colors and simple designs give your space a sense of warmth and whimsy.

Materials for Waldorf Stars

Every year, we celebrate the winter solstice with a Waldorf Solstice Spiral. It’s a beautiful, solemn way to welcome the light back and to learn a bit about the winter solstice. We enjoy adding natural Waldorf Activities to our daily routine. Learning how to make these easy Waldorf stars was right up our alley.

  • Kite paper is translucent and has a waxy finish. It lets light in through the windows but also doesn’t tear easily. Regular origami paper would work, but is more opaque. Tissue paper lets the light in but wouldn’t tear up to folding by little hands very well.
  • Glue sticks are used to glue the star points together. Little hands can run the glue sticks for more intricate designs as well.
  • Tape is how you hang the finished stars in your windows.

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collage of waldorf stars tutorial with colorful kite papers, folding instructions, and finished star in window

How to Make Easy Waldorf Stars

These simple Waldorf Stars are really just easy origami stars. They require only three folds, kite paper, glue, and tape. Even your young kiddos will be able to make these beautiful, pointed origami stars! Check out how easy they are to make.

It’s as easy as one two three to make these cute stars.

step one instructions to make a waldorf star with kite paper folded in half

First, fold eight kite paper squares in half to make triangles. Mine were 6.5 inches square sheets of paper. If you want smaller star shapes, cut them into 4 equal squares.

kite paper folded in shape of kite to make origami star

Then, open the paper back up, and fold the two points to the center crease, making a kite shape.

glue stick and two folded kite papers glued together

Last, glue all the kite pieces together – matching up the point end. I find it easier to lightly glue the kite flaps down and then glue the points together.

finished waldorf star with different colors of kite paper
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How to Attach Paper Stars to Your Window

Once your Waldorf stars are finished, attach them to your window with the tape. I place the folded side toward the outside of the window. Let the light shine in. It’s the small things in life that bring me joy. These colorful stars in wintertime definitely make the list.

waldorf stars decorating picture windows
Do I have to use kite paper for Waldorf stars?

While kite paper is traditional, feel free to experiment with other papers. Tissue paper will let light in but might be too fragile for young hands. Decorative wrapping paper or scrapbook papers make interesting designs but do not allow the light through.

Are Waldorf stars a religious practice?

Waldorf stars do not have specific cultural or religious meanings. Similar paper folding traditions exist in many cultures. Unique designs and materials may vary, but the essence of crafting decorative paper stars is global.

Are Waldorf stars only for Christmas?

Traditionally, these are made in the wintertime. My kids love making them year-round, though. We switch out the colors and designs with different seasons.

What are some of your favorite winter activities? Follow these origami star instructions for fun winter Waldorf decorations. Let me know how they turn out in the comments.

Yield: Make however many stars you want

How to Make Waldorf Stars

waldorf star

These beautiful, easy paper stars are the perfect winter activity for bored kids!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  1. First, fold eight kite paper squares half to make triangles.
  2. Then, open the paper back up, and fold the two points to the center crease, making a kite shape.
  3. Next, glue the kite flaps down.
  4. Finally, glue all the kite pieces together – matching up the point end.

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