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Azure Standard is a great place to find organics on a budget. Want to order but aren’t sure how? These Tips for Ordering from Azure Standard will help.

tips for ordering organic food from azure standard

Have you heard of Azure Standard? No? Well, if you enjoy eating real, organic food but don’t want to spend a small fortune to feed your family, you NEED to know about this food co-op. Azure Standard is a family owned food co-op from Oregon that specializes in natural, organic, and earth friendly food. They work with Covenant Ranch Trucking to deliver products to 32 states via truck and UPS. I’ve been ordering from Azure Standard for at least two years now and I am so thrilled with their products that I want you to know about them too!

I have to get really creative to feed my family real, healthy, organic food for on a budget. Ordering from Azure helps me accomplish that – first, because many of their prices just can’t be beat, and second, because ordering online keeps me out of stores! I buy all kinds of goodies from Azure Standard at what I consider to be rock bottom prices. We’re talking 20 lbs of organic apples for $20, people! 14 heads of organic broccoli for $14! 50 lbs of organic hard red wheat berries {that I grind and turn into boatloads of flour} for $29! 15 lbs of rSBT free butter for $31.  And so, so much more.

If you think these prices sound good and want to get in on the Azure Standard delivery route, read on!

How to buy real, healthy, organic food on a budget

Tips for Ordering from Azure Standard

1. Check delivery area – the first thing you have to do is check their delivery area. Azure Standard is based in Oregon and their routes include the western states and beyond. I’m in Eastern Iowa and they deliver out here. After they drop off my food, they head up to Wisconsin and on to Chicago. From there, they also go to Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky {and more}! And they’re adding new routes all the time. I’m not sure how far east they go, but if there isn’t an established route in your area, talk to Azure Standard about starting one. They might be able to help you depending on how close you are to existing routes! Covenant Ranch is the trucking company that delivers Azure’s goodies. You can click on their map here to see where all of the established drop points are.

2. Become a customer & join a club – the next thing you need to do is register to become a customer. Seriously easy, folks. Just sign up on line  – it’s free. Once you’ve got an account, you’ll need to join a club. Clubs are organized geographically – Azure Standard will give you the contact information for a club contact  (called drop coordinator) after you call the company. The drop coordinator is usually really nice and works hard {as a volunteer} to organize the monthly deliveries. So call Azure to find a club. Also, ask them to mail you a catalog and they will. Once you’ve got the drop coordinator’s contact info, call them to get specific details about delivery dates and locations.

Now that you’re part of the secret club, it’s time to order! It can be a little daunting to look through everything Azure sells, so here are my tips!

3. Browse through the produce – I love to order Azure Standard’s organic produce. $1 per pound is my price point for produce. I {mostly} buy off EWG’s Clean 15 / Dirty 12 list which means I want organic for the Dirty 12 items and I don’t care so much for the Clean 15. I’d love to have all organic, but I have to prioritize my purchases and using that list helps me make the decision. Apples? Organic. Potatoes? Organic. Pineapple? Conventional is fine. You should read the list, if you aren’t familiar with it – it definitely helps me. I have found rock bottom prices at Azure for potatoes, apples, nectarines, carrots, and broccoli. Prices fluctuate based on what’s in season, and they can even vary during the ordering period. So watch the prices and you’ll start to get a good feel for what you’ll have to spend.

4. Check out what’s on sale – Azure also has monthly sales and a bargain bin. I always browse through those categories. If I find toothpaste I like for 20% off, I’ll stock up! I try not to get distracted in these areas, though. It’s not much of a bargain if it’s something we won’t eat – or something we don’t need to eat – regardless of how cheap it is. Browse with purpose to keep your spending down!

5. Stock up on bulk items – Each month, I try to add one or two bulk items to my cart. I buy wheat berries in 50 lb bags, dried beans, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, and rice from Azure Standard. And more! I store my huge bulk purchases in 5 gallon food grade plastic buckets {gasp!} with gamma lids. I also store food items in all sorts of mason jars – 1/2 gallon, quart, and smaller. I found some killer jars at Ikea that I love! It’s a fun challenge to figure out to store my bulk goodies to avoid bugs and other nasty things.

tips for ordering from Azure Standard

6. Split orders with friends – So, Azure is a co-op. A bulk food co-op. That means, they sell items in large quantities. They also sell items in smaller quantities, but the more you buy, the cheaper the item. I buy apples in 20 lb boxes, for instance. I’m feeding 6 hungry people so those apples never go bad. But you may want to consider splitting orders with friends. I once ordered 14 heads of gorgeous broccoli. How the heck do you eat that much before it goes bad? Well, I split the order with some friends and we didn’t waste any! Some items are easier to split than others. I’ve got an order of 50 lbs of potatoes in my cart right now – nicely packaged in 10, 5 lb bags. That order will be easy to split. The 20 lb box of apples? Not so much unless you want to weigh it out. You can also consider freezer and canning purchases from Azure – just make sure you have the time to do that once the order comes in. I have wasted food because of good intentions…

7. Add items to cart and check out – If you see things you like, go ahead and put them in your cart. I try to order right after I pick up. I always see items at pick-up that I wish I would have bought. So I go ahead and put them in my cart and check out. It’s possible to resume an order if you want to make changes – but you lock in the price when you make your initial purchase. You aren’t charged until the items are sent out for delivery and you can pay COD if you want {though I don’t really recommend it}.

8. Get contact information for drop coordinator & sign up for delivery text alerts – I found out the hard way this snowy winter that delays happen. You’ll want to have some way to be in contact with the delivery people, especially if you have to drive 30 minutes or more to get to the drop area.

9. Make friends with other Azure Standard customers on your route – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call a friend in a panic – My car won’t start! My kid is sick! I’m sick! It’s so helpful to know someone who can help you out by picking up your order! Make friends. You’ll all work together once the truck arrives to unload – talk to people! I highly recommend doing that!!

azure standard order

This is an example of one my orders and the prices I paid. You can see from the picture why I don’t have to worry about apples going bad. Half of them were gone before we even got home! 😉 The Azure website includes detailed information on their products. I liked the description of the yogurt, for instance – made from milk from small family farms that don’t use rBGH. While it’s not organic, it’s the growth hormones I’m most worried about – so I opted for conventional food for a cheaper price. I make decisions like that all the time to keep my budget low.


CodeProduct NameSizeQty OrderedQty ShippedPriceTotal
QP220Fresh Produce Apples, Braeburn, Organic20 lbs11$22.50$22.50
DP061Nancy’s Honey Yogurt, Plain4 x 64 ozs.11$21.05$21.05
BE041Azure Farm Pinto Beans, Organic25 lbs.11$38.65$38.65
SE044Bulk Sunflower Seeds, Raw5 lbs.11$8.20$8.20
QP127Fresh Produce Broccoli, Organic14 x 1 bunch11$13.00$13.00
QP170Fresh Produce Carrots #2, Organic25 lbs.11$19.00$19.00
Shipping: $10.40
Total: $132.80Total Weight: 115.00 pounds
Total Cube: 2.02 ft³

My order for next month is already in the works. I placed it right after I picked the above order up, and I will revisit it a few days before the order deadline to see what I need to add, or what I need to delete. And then I’ll go pick up my goodies. It’s always fun to see people at the drop-off!

And that’s how you order from Azure Standard! What do you think? Do you order from them? What do you get? I’d love to hear!!

About Michelle Marine

Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long-time green-living enthusiast, and rural Iowa mom of four. She empowers families to grow and eat seasonal, local foods; to reduce their ecological footprint; and to come together through impactful travel.

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  1. I loved this Michelle! I read and shared in multiple places and then scrolled down to the bottom and realized which Michelle you are 😉
    Thanks so much for this helpful guide!!

    1. Hi Dorothy! Thanks for commenting and sharing the post. I’m sending some people your way for info about the IA City drop. <3

  2. So glad you wrote this! Very helpful! We love buying the bulk organic frozen veggies from Azure as well as the wonderful produce, laundry detergent, fermented cod liver oil, organic cold pressed oils, natural value organic canned foods, think pink canned salmon, bulk Himalayan salt, bulk organic spices, organic vanilla….you name it and they sell it. Wonderful company and wonderful products! And they go further south than you mentioned too.

  3. Oh I love this! I think I’ve read a momblogger in the past mention Azure but I didn’t know “this” much about who they were and what they offered! I’m going to Pin this post for future reference and I already have a friend in mind who might want to split an order with me since we only have 4 in each our families.

    Visiting you through the 100 Boost your Blog challenge 🙂

  4. Wow, this is such good information. Unfortunately, we are on the east cost, and I wish they had something like that here. I would totally do it! It would be nice to have fresh produce for those prices. In the stores, the produce is pretty much rotten and they charge 2-3X those prices. I’m sharing this on my natural parenting pinterest board! Thanks so much for sharing and for being such an awesome co-hostess!

    1. Lisa, Azure is making their way east. They may not deliver now but they are adding more routes each year. Last year they added North Carolina so don’t give up hope they will come to your area.

      1. Yes, Azure is moving east. I’m a drop coordinator for the Charlotte area! I’d love to help you get started.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. What browser are you in? Someone else told me that too, but it works for me and it worked for the friends I had try it out. Hmmm. I hate problems like this! 😉

  5. I have found you through Boost your blog. This post is interesting to me because we should support and learn more about farmers who go the extra mile to bring us organic food. Thank you for sharing! I am a new follower of your blog via Bloglovin and hope that you will visit me on my blog Notably Wonderful as well. http://www.EnzieShahmiri.com/blog


  6. I really want to add a drop of point to our area but I am unsure how to get that started. I have sent an e-mail but I have not heard back.

    1. 971-200-8350…..ask for Jaye….she can get you started, let her know I gave you her contact info. Laurie Allred 401-787-7466

  7. Thanks for this! I’ve been ordering from another company but wondering about Azure for a while. I think there is a fairly large group in our area that orders from them. Glad to hear the good reviews.

  8. I have heard great things about Azure! Now I need to look into it. We are definitely an organic family and love co-ops. Visting from Boost Your Blog Challenge!

  9. Thanks for the tips Michelle, love Azure, prices are excellent and you and I think alike about saving money and eating healthy. Putting in my order right now too.
    Marlis, I use sunflower seeds, raw, in my salads mostly, it’s an excellent source of not-meat protein which is nice to have once in awhile when I don’t have or want to use meat. 🙂

    1. I’m so behind in responding to comments! 🙂 Yes – I use sunflower seeds in salads also, but I also bake them into my bread and add them to granola. 🙂 Delish!

  10. This is so helpful! We just started getting Azure to come through our area and a friend of mine is trying to get enough folks to do a bulk order. This will be helpful for her and I will pass on your blog to her! Thanks for posting it! Solagratiamom

  11. Thanks for sharing! These prices are great! I need to research to see if there is a Des Moines drop.

      1. No – there’s a Des Moines drop! It’s on a different route. But I’m positive there’s a Des Moines drop!!

  12. I love Azure! I would love to see more posts on what you order and how you use it. Love seeing what others order! They have so much it’s easy to miss out on good stuff I could be ordering! I am especially grateful to have Azure for all the goat and coconut milk products because my daughter is dairy free.

  13. You missed one of the most convenient features on the website: the favorites. When items are there, you can tell at a glance which of the items you use are on sale. It makes placing your monthly order super quick and easy.

  14. My family and I have been ordering from Azure for the past 18 years. Wonderful company, unbeatable prices! A few years ago I moved to Texas and was so glad to find out that they deliver here!

  15. a small correction: Covenant Ranch handles about half of Azure Standard’s deliveries. Azure contracts with a variety of trucking companies to make their deliveries. My husband and I own Organic Trail and proudly deliver routes J5, J7 and J8 in Minnesota.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Kristi! I will gladly make that correction in the post. 🙂

  16. I am looking for a catalog on all your products and what is an will be on sale. If you can furnished me with this request, I’ll be most delighted. I live in arizona usa a small town called Chino Valley, Do you deliver to this town and if so what are the days or day in the month your delivery is.