5 Must Know Signs of Ultimate Dog Health

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5 Signs of Ultimate Dog Health

Most people want their pets to have ultimate health and lead long, happy lives. Fortunately, we can have a huge impact on their health just by making better choices about what we feed them. I’m happy to continue my partnership with  Wellness® Complete Health™ Line of dog food, so I can provide more details about a high quality, wholesome, and grain free dog food. Today’s topic is how to help your dog achieve ultimate health by recognizing the 5 key wellness signs.

5 Signs of Ultimate Dog Health

Do you know what constitutes ultimate dog health Skin & Coat

Healthy dogs have clean and shiny coats. Not that you can tell from the above picture, but Nora our Great Pyrenees has a beautiful, fluffy white coat. When it’s not muddy and raining, she’s a delight to snuggle up to and love. Since she couldn’t care less about the bad weather though, she’s a real mess in spring rains like we’ve been having for a while now. To make sure you dog gets what she needs to keep her skin and coat shiny and itch-free, find a food that has a good balance of Omega 3 & Omega 6s – often found in wholesome ingredients like salmon and flaxseed.

Eyes, Teeth, & Gums

Just like dental health is important in humans, it’s also very important in dogs. I’ve talked about this before in my post on grooming tips for Great Pyrenees, but you want to make sure your dog’s teeth and gums are clean and not bleeding and that her eyes are clear and not weepy. Excessive eye discharge and bleeding gums are signs that your dog’s health needs attention.

Digestive Health

Digestive health is very important in dogs too. I’m sure you know how upset stomachs , constant bloating, and diarrhea feel? No fun. If you notice that your dog is having digestive issues, it’s time to talk to your vet and find a food that provides the right nutrient mix and lots of healthy probiotics, prebiotics, and healthy fiber to enhance digestion.

Energy Level

Does you dog have a good energy level? It’s very important to to feed your dog a quality food so she can maintain the energy level she needs. Better energy just makes life more fun for everyone. A food with quality protein and fat and the right carb mix will help your dog maintain the proper energy level too.

Strong Immune System

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You might not have considered that it’s possible to boost your dog’s immunity by feeding her quality food with the right supplements, but it is. It’s the same in humans. A diet with natural immunity boosters including probiotics, zinc, selenium, and Vitamin E will really help your dog maintain optimal health and keep from getting sick.

Consider Wellness® Complete Health™ Line to keep your dog healthy

If you’re concerned about what you feed yourself, it’s only natural that you might want to feed your animals a healthy food too. Many dogs suffer from food allergies and dietary intolerance and feeding them a healthier food might well help get that back on the healthy track. Natural nutrition can help your pet lead a longer and healthier life and who doesn’t want that for their dogs?

Nora eating Wellness Complete Health

  Post a selfie with your dog to show off her 5 signs of ultimate health

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