Traveling in Style: Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago!! #WhereDoYouprAna


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 I’m traveling in style on Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago! In fact, I’m actually sitting on the train right now, writing this article. And I’m loving the train! #WhereDoYouprAna Taking Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago For a Girls Trip!! #WhereDoYouprAna

Thank you to prAna for sponsoring this article about traveling in style. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Taking Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago!!

A dear friend of mine is having heart surgery in a few weeks. It’s always scary when your loved ones have to undergo any type of medical treatment, but heart surgery is particularly scary. To put our minds at ease over her upcoming surgery, we decided to meet in downtown Chicago and enjoy each other’s company for a few days. She took an overnight train from New York, and I took Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago. We’re going to see what sort of trouble two 40+ year old women can get into in the big city for a few days! Taking Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago For a Girls Trip!!

Normally, when we go to Chicago, I drive. It’s only 3 1/2 hours from my home, so it’s not super far. But when Robin told me she was taking Amtrak, I thought genius! I took my little girl scout troop on a trip to Chicago via Amtrak a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. And there are so many benefits to traveling by train!

Benefits of Taking Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago

  • $37 round trip! Seriously. That’s all my ticket cost. It costs more to park my car for ONE day in downtown Chicago than the entire ticket. Since we’re staying in downtown Chicago for several days, I’m saving a lot of money by not driving in.
  • Lots of legroom! Way more legroom than in an airplane. I’m 5’9 and it’s seriously comfortable!
  • I’m working! I have a table. I’ve plugged my laptop in, and I’m working. Seriously better than driving!
  • Outlets! My phone and laptop will be totally charged when we arrive at Union Station.
  • There’s an observation car and a snack car. It sells wine. Need I say more?! 😀
  • Bathrooms! I don’t have to stop and pee. 😉

sporting prAna on Amtrak #wheredoyouprana

Traveling in Style with new clothes from prAna

Of course, I’m not just on a train. I’m also traveling in style in new fall clothes from prAna. I shared a summer dress prAna sent me a while back, comfy workout wear they sent this summer, and prAna just sent two more lovely tops, perfect for fall weather and travel. Today I’m showing off my new Daria Sweater Hoodie in muted truffle. Isn’t it cute? This sweater is made out of organic cotton, Merino wool, and nylon, and I love the color! It’s lightweight and warm. Today I have a simple tank on under it, but when it gets colder it will be really cute with a long sleeved tshirt underneath. In fact, I think this sweater is so fun that I updated all of my social media profiles a few days ago with a picture of me sporting this hoodie!

Traveling in Style: Amtrak from Galesburg to Chicago!! #WhereDoYouprAna

I really like prAna and their commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. I enjoy every piece of clothing they send me and commend the company for using organic and recycled fabrics, making clothing with hemp, and sourcing fair trade. prAna wants you to save 15% off your prAna purchase with code MHMMM15! 

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Again, many thanks to prAna for sponsoring this post. I hope you’ll pop over and check out their beautiful fashion choices for fall!


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  1. Hmmm …you’ve got me thinking. I’ve always wanted to take a train trip and I have an upcoming journey ….I am going check out their prices. It does look comfortable. Oh, and you look fantastic!

  2. I hope things go well for your friend.

    I think it’s cool that you’re traveling by train, and from the way you describe it, I wanna do it, too! You look fabulous in that prAna.

  3. I’ve never took the Amtrak but I know you can’t beat their prices! Your prAna sweater looks comfty too! Definitely need to be comfortable while traveling.

  4. How fun! We’ve thought about hopping on the Amtrack in St. Paul and taking it to Chicago. We’re going to make this happen!