Family Game Night Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide


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If you’re looking for ideas for fun family game night stocking stuffers, you’ve come to to right place. All of these game ideas are affordable and fun. Plus, they’re easy to learn!

stocking stuffers for family game night


Family Game Night Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

Family game nights are great ways to connect with your kids and have a little fun as a family. In our multi-age family it is sometimes hard for all of us to come together to have a great time. But we all love these games and when we pull them out, the laughs and family fun begins.

Here are a few of our favorite little games – games that will make perfect stocking stuffers for your family – and rest assured, the learning curve is very small on these games. It won’t take you long at all to learn the rules for any of these games.



We’ve had this game for a while. It’s a really easy game that all of my kids can play. It’s a fast-paced card game with very little reading ability required. This game claims to be for 8+, but my 5 year old played it quite successfully as well.


Happy Salmon

We just got this game over the weekend at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair and everyone loved it. Be forewarned, this game gets pretty loud {unless you play the silent version}, and you have to play it standing up because you need to be able to move around. It’s another game that’s really easy for kids of all ages – very little reading ability is needed to play this game. It claims to be for ages 6+, but I think younger kids can play it too as long as they can figure out the four different cards, pictured above.

dutch bliss makes a great family game night stocking stuffer

Dutch Bliss makes a great family game night stocking stuffer

We learned about the card game Dutch Bliss a few years ago when we were visiting our dear friends in Florida. Dutch Bliss is a rowdy card game that requires strategy, speed, and a little luck. We love this game because if you get the expansion pack, there are enough cards for up to eight people to play! That’s a must in our oversized family. Learn more about Dutch Bliss here.

dos card game

Dos is another favorite stocking stuffer to support family game night.

Made by the makers of Uno, DOS is similar but with a twist. My kids love this quick card game that also reinforces math skills! Dos works well with 2 -4 players and our family has really enjoyed playing it! Learn more about Dos here.

sushi go

Sushi Go

Another fun easy card game is Sushi Go. This is a game of strategy that is never the same twice. My girls love playing this game that we learned about from my sister. It’s a family favorite for her two boys as well!


Show me the Kwan

A fun and educational game that we also learned about at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. This game is a fast-paced, dice rolling, word game that can help with vocabulary, phonics, and spelling. This game is for ages 10+, but I think younger kids can play also if you scale the game down and there are several easy ways to scale it.

IQ xoxo


This is single person brain game that we saw in Chicago. I don’t actually have one, but we played with it there and it looks like a lot of fun and a great way to work some logic practice into your day. It’s also magnetic so it’s fantastic for road tripping! For ages 6+ which I think is pretty accurate.


Scrabble Slam Cards

I picked this game up at ALDI last year and we really like it and take it on road trips with us. It’s an easy card game version of Scrabble that builds vocabulary and spelling. this game does require a little more ability than some of the others I’ve listed here, as some spelling ability is very helpful. 🙂 This game is for ages 8+ and that’s probably about right. If younger kids are good spellers, they might be able to play too.


Junior Difference Board Game

This easy game is about spotting the difference on cards. It’s a speed game to see who can find the differences first. My younger two daughters really like this game a lot. It’s for ages 4+ and that’s about right!


Mad Libs

Who doesn’t like Mad Libs? They were some of my favorite activities when I was younger and are another fun way to work on vocabulary and spelling. For just a few dollars each, Mad Libs are great additions to kids’ stockings and a fun way to spend a few minutes together as a family.


Professor Noggins Trivia Card Games – Outer Space


Trivia games are always a fun way to sneak in some education, and Professor Noggins sells many different versions of their trivia games from cards on Outer Space to the History of Art to US Presidents. You’re sure to find something interesting and educational to slip in your kids’ stockings from Professor Noggins. 

ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle

This is really a one-person game, but my eight year old loves it! You might remember them from your childhood – it’s just ordering the numbers correctly. They’re great little brain teasers and fit really nicely in a stocking.

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  1. We love work games too and also would enjoy Griddly Games Words of the Wise. It’s not too expensive either so this would be a hit with the family.

  2. We love to find time to play games. At home we stick with classics like monopoly or Life. When traveling–we tend to do individual time which is why I would love the Thinkfun puzzle and IW X/O game! But the Scrabble slam looks like a fun family game to take on the road….and Kwan at home! Okay! I liked them all! 😉

  3. Not sure why so many of the comments have my name, when I didn’t make the comment. So weird!! But, uh, we’d like to try the One Happy Salmon game as a family.

  4. My grand kids need to learn about the way games use to be played with out a tv/phone/table/ etc. this would be so nice to have.

  5. My kids love it when the family sits down to play a board game together. Lately we have been playing a lot of the card game Uno.

  6. We love board games and one of our favorites is “Shut the Box!” Yahtzee is fun too. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  7. The Happy Salmon Game sounds really fun! I have not heard of it before, but after reading about it, would love to play it!!

  8. I like playing lots of games with my family–Clue, Uno, Dutch Blitz, Marbles, & many more. I love doing anything that involves getting my family or friends together & interacting with each other!

  9. Of all the stocking stuffer games listed in the post, I like the word games most like Show me the Kwan and Scrabble Slam Cards. Between the three games of Sushi Go, Dos, and Dutch Blitz though, I’d go with Dutch Blitz and Sushi Go. All great stocking stuffers!

  10. We LOVE Dutch Blitz!! Fun game! I’d like to try Show me the Kwan and Sushi Go. Can never have too many family game nights!