How to Control the Clutter While Homeschooling


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Today, Kathleen is sharing her tips for how to control the clutter while homeschooling. I struggle with this area a lot and I’m happy to share her tips with you! I know that if I could implement her tips, it would help me a lot.

How to Control the Clutter While Homeschooling - Easy tips, tricks, and suggestions to keep a tidy homeschool so you can do fun things. from

Homeschooling is hard enough for parents, even without all the additional responsibilities. Keeping a clean home is one of most exhausting tasks which, unfortunately, can’t be avoided. The biggest challenge is to combine the homeschooling with all of your other responsibilities and still find a little time for your personal interests and hobbies. This may look like mission impossible, but with a little organization and planning, you will be able to reach all of your goals. There is no need to sacrifice your personal time because you also have to relax at some point.

How to Control the Clutter While Homeschooling

Hiring professional cleaners for the decluttering of your home is a good option. The only problem is that the prices of those special procedures can be high sometimes. You can ask around and find the company with the most affordable cleaning services in your area, but even in that case you will have to spend a lot of money. You can still take advantage of those procedures from time to time, but the better thing to do is to learn to organzse your time properly. This way you will be able to finish everything yourself and also learn to plan your time better in the future. Here are a couple of tips that will help:

• A schedule is always a good idea –

Planning your time is the best way to start, but how you do this is entirely up to you. You can either make a list on a piece of paper with all of your tasks, which you can then divide between all days of the week or you can use a special app. If you look on the Internet, you will find a variety of mobile and other apps which will help you make a schedule and stick to it.

• Stay focused –

In order to keep the clutter under control in your house, you have to concentrate. There are all kinds of distractions at home like the TV, the computer, the phone and many more. All of them can keep you away from the important tasks which you have to finish during the day, including the homeschooling. That’s why the best thing you can do is to stay away from those things and if necessary, even turn them off.

• Teach your kids to be more responsible –

Now you have the chance to teach your kids to be more responsible by explaining the significance of the cleaning and proper maintenance of your home. At the very least, they can at least take care of the organization of their toys, books and other personal things. You can even make a competition between all members of the family, so that you can show to your children that the cleaning can be also fun. Each of you can choose a cleaning chore and then compete to see who will be able to finish first and get the big prize.

• Decide which special curriculum activities are worth keeping –

When it comes to homeschooling, one of the biggest advantages is that you have the freedom to be flexible. In case you notice that the time is insufficient, you can give up one or more of the extra curriculum activities. This will also give you the chance to pay more attention to the other part of the material.

Keeping the clutter under control will be easier for you, in case you decide to consider the previously mentioned tips. Homeschooling is important, but that doesn’t mean that your whole life should revolve around it. Make sure that you find a little time for yourself so you can still do things that you love to do too.

This article was written by Kathleen Crane who runs a smaller cleaning company in the UK, Removalsmate.

What are your best clutter controlling tips? Please share!

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  1. Organizing the homeschooling is the first thing one should focus on. And the article shares the great tips and points about how to control the clutter in homeschooling are really good. Starting from preparing a perfect schedule til teaching them how to organize and be more responsible for their education are really important. Great work!!