Monthly Meal Plan & 7, 30 Minute Tasks for Filling the Freezer


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Happy February! It’s time for another monthly meal plan to help you organize your month. Like last month, I also included 7 more 30-minute tasks for filling the freezer! Don’t you love being able to pull quick, delicious, and nutritious meals out of your freezer to eat when time is short? I know I do!

Feb Monthly Meal Plan with 7, 30-minute tasks for filling the freezer

Monthly Meal Plan & 7, 30 Minute Tasks for Filling the Freezer

This monthly menu plan is a relatively new format for me. I explained how I use it in this post – the monthly meal plan I semi-followed in January. I didn’t follow the plan exactly, but I did end up with a freezer full of cooked beans, a few scone packets, and taco meat all cooked and frozen for when I need a quick meal. It really simplifies my life to have food to pull out of the freezer. This month, I’d like to get a couple of complete meals in the freezer – so I’ve scoured the internet {and my own blog} looking for ideas that are sure to freeze and reheat well. Here’s what I’ve come up with!

Monthly Meal Plan

Meatless Mondays

Taco Tuesdays

Wing It Wednesdays

Porker Thursday 😀

Pizza Friday

Soupper Saturday

From the Sea Sunday

  • Easy Salmon Pasta – a recipe of my own creation
  • Alaska Snow Crab
  • Lemon Garlic Baked Tilapia

Homemade Breakfast Ideas

Seven, 30-minute {or there about} tasks for filling the freezer

In a nutshell, I fill my freezer by making extra of certain meals I’m already cooking. I try to plan ahead so I can freeze components that will make meal prep easier when I’m pressed for time. If you do the following tasks, you’ll end up with freezer meals for later! Score! I don’t think it takes that much longer to make a double batch of most recipes than a single batch, so simply doubling or quadrupling recipes you’re already cooking shouldn’t be too hard!

1. Make a double batch of  Creamy Spinach and Cheese Green Chile Enchiladas. Enjoy one for dinner. Freeze the other. BAM! A complete meal ready to go – in your freezer.

2. If you don’t already have prepared taco meat  in your freezer {I have two bags from last month}, make a big batch on the night you make loaded baked potatoes. This is one recipe that I try to quadruple so I can put at least 2 bags in the freezer.

3. Double up on the delicious Parmesan Garlic Chicken and freeze some for another night!

4. You guys, I am totally spoiled. I have been making Homemade Eggrolls for several years. They are so, so, so much better than anything I can buy. On a day when you have a lot of time {this might take a bit longer than 30 minutes}, make up a huge batch of eggrolls and freeze the extra. They heat up very nicely in the oven.

5. Cook a bunch of extra bacon and freeze it. I bake mine. I tell ya, it doesn’t seem like adding the step to cook the bacon would take that much time, but it does. I love having cooked bacon in my freezer ready to pull out and use in the mornings or for a quick homemade bacon pizza. YUM and DOUBLE YUM!

6. Chili is another recipe that is super easy to double or even quadruple. So, find your favorite recipe, and quadruple it. Freeze the extra and you’ve got a great component for loaded baked potatoes, chili dogs, or straight up chili.

7. Finally, make up a huge batch of Eggy Breakfast Muffins and freeze the extra for breakfast simplified on a busy morning.

Be amazed by all the food you have in your freezer if you do all seven tasks!

Which recipe are you most excited to try this month? 

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  1. I love that you included the 7 simple tips to fill your freezer to your menu plan. I am not much of a planner, but I found the tips at the end to be very helpful!