How to Train Great Pyrenees – 5 Useful Tips

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How to train your great pyrenees dog

Great Pyrenees are notoriously stubborn and strong-willed, but they can be trained. Here are 5 useful tips on how to train Great Pyrenees! We’ve learned these lessons over the last four years of owning this amazing breed. 

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How to Train Great Pyrenees - 5 Useful Tips

How to Train Great Pyrenees – 5 Useful Tips

1. Understand a Great Pyrenees’ temperament 

It’s important to realize that Great Pyrenees are bred to guard livestock They want to have a purpose and many will do better if they have a job. The very first training tip is to consider your Pyr’s aptitude before bringing her home! Some make better pets than others. They’re also very loving and loyal, and bond fiercely to their pack. Keep this in mind as you’re training your Pry for better success.

Use positive reinforcement to train Great Pyrenees

2. Your attitude matters

With all training, patience and consistency are key. Dog training can be very frustrating as dogs will pick up on your attitude and frustration. Both of our Pyrs went through a phase where they refused to walk on a leash. As frustrating as it was for us, we worked through it with gentle, positive reinforcement and eventually they didn’t mind the leash anymore.

5 things you must know about how to train Great Pyrenees

3. Use fun, positive reinforcement to train Great Pyrenees

Make dog training fun using positive reinforcement. Our Pyrs aren’t overly motivated by food, so you may have to work to find a treat they go bananas for, but do find something they love. It could be a toy, food, or loving. Reward all good behavior as quickly and consistently as you can. Your Pry needs to enjoy training or he won’t train. 🙂

4. Don’t force them

It’s important not to force your Pyrs to do anything as these stubborn giant dogs will double down and win. You’ll need to find creative ways to trick Pyrs into doing what you want! So make sure you are very creative during training sessions.

Hol-ee Gourmet is a durable, rubber two-in-one treat toy

5. Mental stimulation will help you train Great Pyrenees

Bored dogs get into trouble (especially if they’re left in the house) so make sure your Pyr isn’t bored. Dogs that are “on” are just easier to work with and train! One way to keep dogs engaged is to provide them with stimulating toys. While toys don’t keep our Pyrs’ attention for a super long time, they do enjoy toys for a while. Nora and Harry recently got a shipment of  Hol-ee Gourmet ™ from Petmate®.

Hol-ee Gourmet is a two-in-one toy that encourages interactive and rewarding play. They help keep Pyrs mentally stimulated and come in three designs – a turkey leg, a steak, and a peanut. Harry and Nora like them because they can be filled with larger treats or smeared with peanut butter! These treats keep them engaged for about 15 minutes, which is a long time for a pyr! 🙂 Our dogs work better when they’re happy, active, and mentally engaged. And that just makes for a much more rewarding training session.

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