5 Minute Grammar Lesson ~ Who’s? or Whose?

Confused about WHO’S or WHOSE? Well, you’re in good company. This is another unfortunate, common grammar mistake.

WHO’S is a contraction of two words. It always means WHO IS.

The apostrophe in WHO’S never, ever, ever indicates possession.

To notate possession (that means to show that something belongs to someone or something), use the possessive form: WHOSE.

WHOSE shoes are outside by the trampoline?

WHOSE clothes are on the floor in my living room?

WHOSE dirty dishes are on my table?

WHOSE bed is still not made?

WHO’S coming with me to get ice cream?

WHO’S going to pick up their mess?

WHO’S outside on the patio?

WHO’S knocking on my door?

WHO’S going to cook me dinner tonight?

Notice that I can replace each of the WHO’S with WHO IS and the sentences make sense. I can’t do that with WHOSE. So if you need a quick test to determine which is correct, just use WHO IS.

WHO IS stealing my car? – YES

WHO IS nightgown is on the floor? – NO. WHOSE nightgown is on the floor? YES

Easy right? Commit this information to your memory! And pass it on to someone who needs to know this basic grammar rule.

And that’s your 5 Minute Grammar Lesson. Happy Sunday!

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