February Grocery Audit – Family of 6 Grocery Budget

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 Another look at our Family of 6 Grocery Budget! One of my goals for 2018 is to take more control of our family grocery budget to better understand our finances. At the end of January, I shared the first ever Grocery Audit, and today, I’m sharing part two in that series. Here’s my February 2018 Grocery Audit.

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February Grocery Audit – Family of 6 Grocery Budget

If you’re new to these posts, you might want to head over to January’s Grocery Audit and take a look at all of the details I shared about the USDA Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels. Last month, we spent a little over $800 to feed our family of six.. I thought $800 was a little more than we normally spend. Here’s how we compared in February.

Hy-Vee 2/4 TOTAL $26.27 (Super Bowl Sunday)

This is what happens when I’m out of town. This is my husband’s purchase. Ironically, I was at a ShiftCon – an Eco Wellness / Green Living Conference eating a 100% non-gmo diet when he bought all this stuff. LOL. Clearly, we’re not perfect.

  • French Onion Dip,  $3.69
  • Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips, $9.76
  • Doritos, $3.99
  • BBQ Potato Chips, $1.99
  • Ruffles, $3.99
  • Bananas, $1.09
  • Limes, $1.50

aldi grocery haul 2.6

ALDI 2/6 TOTAL $61.39

Missing receipt but took pictures. 🙂 I pretty much suck at keeping receipts.

HyVee grocery haul 26

Hy-Vee 2/6 TOTAL $26.39

Missing receipt but took pictures. New goal for March: Keep EVERY SINGLE receipt.

  • 3 organic peppers
  • uncured lunchmeat
  • organic kale (I’m trying not to buy clamshells to reduce the amount of plastic I buy, but it’s really, really hard!)
  • organic chocolate milk (We love this stuff. It’s a real treat.)

organic pizza kit from Costco

Costco 2/10 TOTAL $229.74

  • Organic OJ, $7.99
  • Organic 1/2 & 1/2, $5.79
  • Organic frozen blueberries, $9.89
  • Organic pizza kit, $7.99 (I had high hopes for this, but it was pretty nasty. I won’t buy it again.)
  • Organic frozen mango, $10.49
  • Clif Z Bars, $16.99
  • Organic frozen raspberries, $9.79
  • Raw Almonds, $12.99
  • Shredded Mozzarella, $10.49
  • Salame, $7.49
  • Stonyfield organic yogurt squeezer x2, $11.98
  • Organic frozen peas, $6.59
  • White Sharp Cheddar Cheese x 2, $21.58
  • Sliced havarti, $7.99
  • Organic EVOO, $15.49
  • Wild albacore tuna, $14.99
  • Bagels, $5.99
  • Organic hummus, $5.89
  • Organic tortilla chips, $4.49
  • Organic maple syrup, $10.99
  • Organic triscuits, $8.99
  • Organic granola, $4.89
  • Organic romaine lettuce, $3.99
  • Organic broccoli, $5.99


ALDI 2/11 TOTAL $62.77

  • Frozen shrimp, $4.99
  • Wild caught Alaska Salmon, $9.99
  • Almond milk, $1.99
  • Organic whole milk, $2.95
  • Organic apples $4.99
  • ABF lunchmeat x2, $6.58
  • Plain organic yogurt x2, $5.98
  • Mushrooms, $1.49
  • Limes, $1.69
  • Lemons, $2.89
  • Pineapples, $1.29
  • Organic grape tomatoes x2, $5.98
  • Organic brown eggs x2, $6.98
  • Organic bread, $3.99 Organic groceries from Walmart grocery haul

WALMART 2/16 TOTAL $38.58

  • Organic potatoes x2, $7.92
  • Organic cauliflower, $3.46
  • Organic green onions, $1.38
  • Organic granola, $3.98
  • Organic cereal x2, $5.96
  • Organic kale, $3.56
  • Organic granola x2, $6.56
  • Organic apples, $5.76

aldi grocery haul to establish family of 6 grocery budget

ALDI 2/18 TOTAL $81.37

  • Frozen shrimp, $4.49
  • Wild caught Alaska Salmon, $9.99
  • Organic spaghetti noodles x2, $2.18
  • ABF Salami x2, $5.98
  • ABF lunchmeat x2, $6.58
  • Organic whole milk, $2.95
  • Navel oranges x3, $7.47
  • Yellow onions, $1.59
  • Red onions, $1.69
  • Mushrooms, $1.49
  • Organic plain yogurt x3, $5.97
  • Organic grape tomatoes, $2.49
  • Organic apples, $4.99
  • Organic brown eggs x3, $10.47

Costco 2/18 TOTAL $60 ish? 

Dan made a quick Costco and brought home organic frozen fruit, bagels, organic bread, organic tortilla chips. The receipt has vanished, so this is my best guess.

family of 6 grocery budget aldi grocery haul

ALDI 2/25 TOTAL $98.47

  • Kettle Chips x2, $2.78
  • Organic Tortilla chips, $1.99
  • Organic diced canned tomatoes x2, %3.18
  • Extra sharp cheddar cheese x2, $3.58
  • Pistachio snack for starving child, $.99
  • Organic frozen berries x4, $11.56
  • Organic chocolate chips, $1.99 (first time I’ve seen organic chocolate chips at ALDI!)
  • Organic whole milk, $2.95
  • Organic granola bars x3, $5.57
  • Apple sauce pouches x2, $3.78
  • Oregano x3, $3.57
  • ABF lunchemat x2, $6.58
  • ABF bacon, $5.39
  • Bananas, $2.67
  • Mandarins, $2.49
  • Organic apples x2, 8.78
  • OJ, $1.99
  • Avocados x6, $3.54
  • Almond milk, $1.99
  • Navel oranges, $3.89
  • Bagels x2, $3.58
  • Organic bread, $3.99
  • Organic tomatoes, $3.29
  • Flour tortillas, $1.99
  • Dry pinto beans, $1.49
  • Cilantro, $.69
  • Cabbage, $1.49
  • Red Onions, $1.69

hyvee organic grocery haul

Hy-Vee 2/25 TOTAL $23.86

  • Organic unsalted butter, $7.99
  • Organic whole milk, $4.99
  • Organic plain yogurt x2, $5.57 (Used BOGO coupons but they didn’t credit me for the entire cost)
  • Bean sprouts, $1.89
  • Egg roll wrappers, $2.99 (Had to return these because they were moldy THE SAME DAY OF PURCHASE!) I was bummed to have to return the eggroll wrappers, because I had the egg roll filling all ready before I realized the wrappers were moldy. So we had egg roll bowls instead. They were pretty good, and probably a lot healthier than the pan fried egg rolls I usually make.
  • Snow peas, $3.47

Considerations for my Family of 6 Grocery Budget

  • I buy beef and pork by the animal from local farmers and don’t buy much meat at the grocery store. I raise my own meat chickens. So we eat a lot more meat than is reflected in my grocery purchases.
  • I have a well stocked pantry with many staples like dried beans, rice, and wheat which I buy in bulk quantities (25+ pounds) and store.
  • If I find a pantry staple on sale, I will likely buy a large quantity and store.
  • I have an aging egg laying chicken flock who better start laying me eggs again soon so I can stop buying them. There’s no comparison to farm fresh eggs from free-ranging birds! 🙂
  • I like to garden and can food. I currently have pickles, tomatoes, and salsa left over from last year still, but I just ran out of garlic and we ran out of potatoes and onions a while ago.
  • My kids pack a school lunch 4 out of 5 days each the week.

My best guess for our Family of 6 Grocery Budget for February is $708.84 which is ~ $100 less than we spent in January. $600 is generally what I try to spend on groceries each month, so we still have a little bit of work to do to get down to my goal.

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I’d love to hear from you! How does your grocery spending compare to the USDA’s data? Have you started Grocery Audits yet? What are you learning?


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