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A Homemade Slime Making Kit is a Great Quick Gift + Giveaway

Need a quick and easy last minute gift? Your slime making enthusiast will love this Homemade Slime Making Kit! This kit features a borax-free instruction book and an assortment of add-ins, and is just perfect for any craft loving kid. Read to the end, because there’s also a giveaway for a copy of Alyssa Jagan’s Ultimate Slime book as well!Wondering what to include in a Homemade Slime Making Kit? It's easy to make this last-minute gift perfect w/ the Ultimate Slime book + many fun ingredients!

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How to Make an Awesome Homemade Slime Making Kit

It’s official. My kids are 125% totally and completely addicted to making homemade slime. This scene in my kitchen is almost a daily reality and a good portion of the time it drives me completely and totally up the way…just being totally honest here.

slime making in my kitchen

If you know someone who loves making slime like my kids, why not put together a gift they will really appreciate this year? With the help of my kids who have been making all the slime for months, we made a handy list of things you will need to make so you can put together your own diy slime making kit too!

A Homemade Slime Making Kit is a Great Quick Gift all the slime

What to include in Homemade Slime Making Kit

There are two essential ingredients to borax-free slime that you must include in any slime making kit:

1. White glue and 2. some sort of activator.

You can use a few different things for an activator. One example is borax, but a lot of people don’t like it because it can get dangerous if used improperly. My daughters’ favorite activator is liquid starch. You can also use baking soda and contact lens solution, but Anna thinks it’s hard to work with plus, contact solution is expensive. The nice thing about liquid starch is that it’s also cheap (<$3 at Walmart).

Ultimate DIY Slime Making Kit

All good slime making kits also need a few fun add-ins to make the slime more interesting. Here are a few things you can include:

  1. Elmer’s white glue. Clear glue is also nice, but it’s a little harder to work with than the white glue. We’ve found the gallon of Elmer’s white glue on Amazon to be a pretty good value.
  2. Liquid starch – grocery store or Walmart
  3. Glitter (Don’t shoot the messenger. You can totally omit this if you want. 😉 )
  4. Essential oils – Kid Safe Essential Oils are great for these kits!
  5. Food coloring – get this from Walmart or wherever you shop.
  6. Slime beads
  7. Fake snow
  8. Air dry clay – my kids like the Model Magic by Crayola
  9. Storage containers – you might not think you need these, but trust me, you need some way to store all this slime your kids will create!
  10. Ultimate Slime book by Alyssa Jagan

ultimate slime book by alyssa jagan

 Ultimate Slime book by Alyssa Jagan

My slime makers are in love with the Ultimate Slime book by Alyssa Jagan. I was sent a copy for review purposes a while back and my kiddos immediately put the book to use and haven’t looked back. Anna knows the book has definitely honed her slime making skills. She learned how to make much more interesting slime using all the add-ins and also learned how to make slime without borax and what to do if she used too much activator. She highly recommends this book for any slime making enthusiast!

I’m excited to offer up one copy of Alyssa Jagan’s Ultimate Slime book to one luck winner! If you’d like to win a copy, just enter the rafflecopter form below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wondering what to include in a Homemade Slime Making Kit? It's easy to make this last-minute gift perfect w/ the Ultimate Slime book + many fun ingredients!


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  2. My teen daughter would flip over the HP - Sprocket 2-in-1 Photo Printer! This would be perfect for her scrap booking!

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