Farm-to-Table Creamy Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing


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homemade salad dressing

Good for keeping the vampires away and boosting your immune system took this creamy roasted garlic salad dressing is a delicious farm-to-table recipe. What better way to use up your bumper crop of garlic than with this fabulous homemade salad dressing!

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Welcome back to another Tuesday in the Garden! I tell you what, these Tuesdays keep coming faster and faster. I can’t believe it’s the second Tuesday of August already and summer is almost over. My kids go back to school in a week and a half!!! {And don’t tell anyone, but I am soooo ready.} 😉

ingredients for roasted garlic salad dressing

This week in Tuesdays in the Garden, we’re sharing delicious ways to use up your summer garden bounty. By now, you’ve probably harvested your garlic, you might be swimming in fresh corn and herbs, and your tomatoes are probably starting to ripen. If you’re wondering how to use up all of that garden fresh goodness, make sure you check out the links at the end of this post.

Creamy Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

bottle of roasted garlic salad dressing

The timing for this dressing recipe is perfect! I have a ton of fresh garlic in my garden and my herbs are going wild. My garden may not be producing much in the way of food right now, but the herbs, garlic, potatoes are flowers are doing great! To make this dressing, I headed out to my garden for fresh herbs, and into my garage for garlic that’s been curing for the last few weeks.

roasted garlic

The most “difficult” part of making this dressing is roasting the garlic, so I recommend roasting a bunch of garlic ahead of time and freezing the extras for use on another day. Here’s how to easily roast garlic and then freeze it – no fancy equipment required – simply cut off the tops, drizzle with olive oil, wrap in aluminum foil and roast for about an hour at 400 degrees. With your garlic roasted, all you have to do is combine all the ingredients in a food processor and combine until smooth and creamy, about 2-3 minutes. Seriously, salad dressings are so easy to make from scratch! There’s really no reason to buy them at the store.

The Nutri Ninja – is a favorite kitchen appliance!

I love to use my Nutri Ninja. If you have a Ninja, just combine the ingredients in the Nutri bowl or the Ninja Cup and using the Start/Stop button, turn the machine on for 2-3 minutes. When it’s down, scrape down the side and run it one more time. Then, remove the blade (if you used the bowl) and store the dressing in the fridge!

combine all ingredients for the roasted garlic salad dressing in the Ninja and pulse until smooth and creamy.

Without further ado, here’s your printable recipe!

Yield: 1 1/4 cups

Farm-to-Table Creamy Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

Farm-to-Table Creamy Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

A delicious and creamy roasted garlic salad dressing. Make a batch and store in your fridge for a wonderful homemade dressing for a week's worth of salads!


  • 6 bulbs of roasted garlic
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 3 TBS balsamic vinegar
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 1 TBS fresh oregano leaves
  • 1 TBS fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 TBS fresh thyme leaves
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor. I love my NutriBullet! Mix until creamy, about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Use dressing right away or store in the fridge for up to 1 week.

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This dressing is great on any green salad you may make, but I really love it on this tossed salad with chopped broccoli, feta, and sunflower seeds. YUMMY!

  Farm-to-Table Creamy Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

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  1. These are all of my favorite flavors. I love making homemade dressings. They are so easy and taste way better than store bought. I have never tried using roasted garlic, but now I can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  2. Yay! This dressing looks so good. And I really appreciate your discussing roasting garlic. Lol. I have a ton of it and never thought to roast and freeze it! I love all the flavors in this dressing. Looks like a good marinade too.

  3. This sounds delicious. Unfortunately, squirrels dug up all of the garlic we planted. But when I get a bunch of garlic from the store to roast I’m giving this recipe a try.