Science Experiments Using Water


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Welcome! If you’re looking for science experiments using water, you’re in the right place. It’s been raining in my area for the last several days with more in the forecast. This round-up of indoor activities will help give your kiddos something educational and fun to do!

Science Experiments Using Water

STEM activities are all the rage right now. And for good reason – they are educational and fun for your kiddos! Since I’ve got multi-age kids at home, we’ve put together a list of projects for younger and older kids as well. Enjoy!

Science Projects for Preschoolers

Science Experiment with water

Underwater Sound Experiment for Kids – Still Playing School. This is an easy activity to do right at your kitchen sink!

Penny Change Experiment – BrenDid. I love the free printable lab notebook that comes with this activity! And since we’ve been to the US MINT and actually watched pennies being made, this experiment is really interesting to my kids.

Water Drop Races – What Do We Do All Day. An easy and fun activity that requires very little resources!

Science Experiment with water

Raining Sponge – The Pinterested Parent. Learn how it rains with this simple activity. And I bet you have everything you need at home right now.

Absorption and Dissolving Science Activity – Learning 4 Kids. Use food coloring and sugar cubes for an informative project about absorption.

How Clouds make Rain – Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station. Another fun way to see how clouds fill up and rain!

Science Projects for Elementary Students

Science Experiment with water

Storm in a bottle – Science Illustrated. Storms are a lot of fun to simulate. Learn how here!

Volcano Explosion Science Experiment – Science Illustrated. The classic science experiment! It’s pretty easy to make your own volcanic eruption and this project is always a hit with the kiddos.

Science Experiments for Older Kids

If you’re looking for experiments that are a little more involved, this list is for you.

Science Experiment with water

Make a Rain Gauge – Lakeshore RV Center. If you’re kids ever wonder how much it rains, this project is for you! Let them make their own tool and then measure the precipitation.

Barometric Pressure – Education. Here’s how your kids can make their own barometer and learn about weather forecasting. 🙂

Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids – Coffee Cups and Crayons. Fun for young kids too! And we’ve done this with cloth as well. It works really well.

Science Experiments using water

Orange Buoyancy Science Experiment – Playdough To Plato. Actually, this project is pretty easy, even for little kids, so don’t be afraid to try this one with your preschoolers too!

Pollution Experiment – Education. This is a great experiment for teaching your kids to be good stewards of the earth.

Science of Clean Water: Making a Water Filter – Planet Smarty. Another great idea for teaching kids how difficult it is to get clean water.

Science Experiments Using Water - Simplify Live Love

Did you check out any of these fun projects? Which ones caught your eye?

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