Spica Cast ~ Week 13


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Today marks a bitter sweet day in Sara’s spica cast journey. If you’re new to my blog, you might not know that my fourth child was diagnosed with a dislocated left hip back in August at the age of 15 months. We found it because she walked with a waddle wobble and we were concerned because of a family history of hip dysplaisa.

As I said, today is a bitter sweet day for me. It is the very LAST Tuesday Sara will wake up in this monster of a cast. Next Monday, it’s coming off for good – which is fantastic! And that means, next Tuesday, Sara will wake up for the first time cast free since November 1.

But here’s where it gets bitter sweet: I’m trying not be bitter about the fact that it would have come off tomorrow if the surgeon was going to be in the office!  Alas, as a very important man and revolutionary figure in his field, he travels a lot and so we have to wait FIVE more days to get this nasty thing cut away for good. Like I said, I’m trying really hard NOT to be bitter. Patience is a virtue, or so I’m told.

In this last week of spica wear, Sara has learned to stand in the cast. It’s hard to see, but she’s standing on her own feet here, and not balancing on the butt of her cast:

And here:

I actually walked into the living room yesterday and saw her balancing on ONE leg – the other leg was hanging in the air and she was trying her hardest to climb up on the couch. In vain. I so wish I had my camera because it was really funny.

Anyhow, next Monday the cast will be cut away and Sara will be measured for the brace she will wear full time for the next 6-8 weeks and part-time for up to 18 months. I am anti-landfill, but let me tell you, this cast is going straight to the dump. I might throw it their way as we drive by. I want no soiled, smelly reminders of the last 13 weeks. That’s why I took a lot of pictures.

Good Riddance Spica Cast. You will not be missed.

You can read her entire story and see a video of her walking pre-surgery here.

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  1. When my son broke his wrist last summer there was a little boy next to him getting the same cast as your daughter. I marveled at how brave that little boy was. I feel the same about your daughter. I’m so glad you are at the other side of the cast and it’s about to come off. I don’t blame you for wanting to dump it asap! How about a bonfire?? Monday will be here before you know it. Best of luck.

  2. Oh I bet you just can’t wait to squeeze those little thighs again!! I have the hardest time keeping my hands off of Adrians chunky little thighs (AKA Hamhocks)… MMMM… I could just eat em up!! Oh, or to pat that baby butt again! Once the sweet part gets here it’ll outweigh the heck out of the bitter. I’m so excited for you and little Sara!

  3. I’m very happy for you…and so very sorry about the vomit and diarrhea you’ve had to add to your misery! No, things don’t come in small doses; either happiness or misery! Hang in there, soon!