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Week One – Surviving with a Spica Cast

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We’ve survived one week so far in a Spica Cast. One week down, eleven to go. It’s been a challenge to say the least. If you’re not familiar with spica casts, this is what they look like. Her left leg is casted all the way to her ankle. Her right leg is casted to the knee. There is a lovely (too small) hole in the bottom area for a pathetic attempt at diapering. Her knees are bent at such an angle that if we had a horse, she’d be all set. And she’s so heavy that if I make it 11 more weeks without needing another back surgery it’s going to be a small miracle:


Yes, she was walking before. No, she can’t walk now. Yes, that has made her quite frustrated at times and she’s learning a whole new vocabulary since she’s unable to walk. No, the new vocabulary doesn’t include curse words, but I can see them in her eyes when she gets really mad at being unable to move… 😉

Anyway, we survived week one! Here’s what it took:

A big balloon bouquet helped out tremendously the very first day.


Her favorite animal – kees (kitties who say woof woof) gave her soft fur to grab and only made her mad when they ran off.

Soft laps to hold her 24/7. I’m so thankful my mother has been here with me for over a week and that my sister (a family doctor) also came out. It was very comforting to have both an MD and a beloved Grandma at my beck-n-call the first four days after her surgery.

New art supplies to keep her occupied.

And a sense of humor for when the going gets rough – at least once a day so far.

Week Two is requiring a whole new set of toys…but at least we’re finally getting the diapering down. I’ll share all the lovely details when I can diaper her in under 10 minutes a pop. Needless to say, cloth diapers are out for the next 11 weeks. 🙁

At least the surgery part is over and I don’t have to think about that anymore. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

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  1. blankKaye says

    Hang in there Lady,
    You are doing amazing things! It will be a long stretch, but I know you will survive. I am so happy that the surgery went well, and that it is now about the healing and strengthening.
    See you soon!

  2. blankRachel @ day2day joys says

    Michelle, I have really enjoyed reading about this story and all that you & your family have been going through! You have turned a sorrow into joy! Which helps in healing!

    I wanted to let you know that you accidentally added this post to the Flu Fighting Series instead of the Healthy 2day Wednesdays weekly link up. I’m going to remove it from the Flu Series and hope you will add it to H2W. So sorry about the inconvenience!

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