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5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

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As health-conscious Americans, we spend hundreds of thousands of hours in our kitchens, so why can’t it to be a place that we cherish? A kitchen should be a cooking sanctuary that is well-designed, well-organized, and can efficiently serve our every tasteful need. Here are some essential tips for streamlining your kitchen into an organizational masterpiece so that you and your loved ones can enjoy every minute spent cooking, snacking, talking, or even singing…

5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen© Zigzagmtart | Dreamstime.com

5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

 1. Where to Start?    With something quick and easy like drawer liners! Changing your shelf and drawer liners is a great place to start because it forces you to take everything out. When your drawers are empty, take a minute to wash everything. Now you can put everything back in a more organized way, which leaves you with a fresh, clean start with the new liners. If you enjoy decorating for every season, Amazon has plenty of themed shelf and drawer linersblank available. Swapping out liners to go with the season makes it so easy to keep everything neat and organized throughout the year. blankblank

Nothing says “Welcome Spring” better than a fresh, clean kitchen!

  2. How to Organize   When it comes to knowing how to organize, HGTV has some great suggestions on where to begin:

  • Available space should be made for whatever tools you use the most.
  • Store dinnerware and equipment close to the places where they’re used. For example, keep pots and pans by the stove and dishes near the dishwasher.
  • When it comes to placing objects, really think about what you do in the kitchen, not what’s accepted or conventional.

 5 tips to organize your kitchen

Image Courtesy of Pixabay 3. The Most Cluttered Spaces   What about those notoriously messy spaces that seem to attract nothing but clutter? The pantry, that small space under the sink and certain shelves of the fridge always seem to stay out of order. Here are some pro DIY tips from BrightNest for getting those spaces organized:

  • Install a tension rod under the sink. Push the rod as high up as possible so that you can hang spray bottles, rags and other lightweight objects, giving your more room for a trash can or for other supplies that won’t hang.
  • Use a Shoe Hangerblank for the pantry door. Lots of things get pushed to the back of a pantry, sometimes for years! You can put canned goods in a shoe hanger, as well as other small items you don’t want to lose in that pantry abyss.
  • Add bins and a Lazy Susan to your fridge. You can put items in basic metal or plastic bins that you use the most often. If your family goes through tons of salads every week, you can label one of the bins “salads.” A Lazy Susan can store those messy jam and salad dressing containers without leaving a sticky mess on a shelf. These turntablesblank are very useful and reasonably priced at only $4.99 eachblank. 

5 steps to organize your kitchen

Image Courtesy of ShutterStock

4. A Quick Change of Decor   If the lighting in your kitchen is too dim or you’re not a fan of the overhead fixture, then change it! Switching out a light fixture may sound overwhelming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Buy brighter bulbs or choose a fixture you truly love.   However, if you do have some money set aside for some fancier lighting, there are plenty of cool options, like the Philips Hue.  Furthermore, adding a colorful rug or two can help get a color scheme going. Rugs are an easy way to make a big difference.

5. Avoid Countertop Chaos   When it comes to arranging smaller appliances, make sure that the items you haven’t used in 6 months or more can be put away; or maybe it’s time to donate.   A utility cartblankcan help you roll away items that you’re not using and free up tons of counter space for actual cooking. A tier organizer (like a cereal tier organizer) can also help you keep all those little knick-knacks in order.   Consider elevating lightweight items onto the wall using hooks or shelves. Also, knife blocks are major space hogs! A magnetic knife rackblank can save a lot of space.   Remember that your personal style is the most truthful guide to follow when re-organizing your kitchen space. The spaces you use most often are a great place to start and don’t be afraid to make your kitchen the best spot in the house!

Today’s guest blogger is Naomi Shaw, who is honored to have had the chance to share some of her favorite organizing tips with the readers of SimplifyLiveLove.com. She also loves writing about DIY crafts and projects, retail design and healthy recipes for kids.

Stay tuned next week for my barn kitchen makeover! I’ve been working hard at organizing my own kitchen and will share some before and after pictures with you! Prepare to be amazed…. 🙂

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  1. blankTaMara says

    One of my goals for this year is to declutter my home so that I’m happier living in it. I love these ideas to get my kitchen organized. I spend most of my time in there.

    Stopping by from Boost Your Blog.

  2. blankClara @A Slice of Homeschool Pie says

    These are a list of good tips. I always tell myself that I’m going to organize my kitchen, but it NEVER happens. I’ve just decided that this will be something I’ll tackle after the kids are all grown up and out of the house. 🙂

    Stopping by from the 100 Challenge

  3. blankKelly says

    What great ideas! I love how clean everything looks in the pictures. My house is on the market right now so I am trying everything I can to make it more pleasing to the eye when we have prospective buyers coming in. I love the pictures of the barn, rooster and sunflowers at the top of your page! It makes it feel very relaxed and country!

  4. blankOlivia Montes says

    This is awesome! We just got orders (military family) and will be moving in June, I can’t wait for a new space to organize our pantry, cooking tools, etc to aid in meal planning and healthy family meals. Great post!

  5. blankBeth says

    Wow – some great ideas here! I had not thought about putting a lazy susan in the refrigerator. As I thought about my kitchen organization, I realized that when we moved here 4 years ago, I put the dishes over by the breakfast nook, which has turned into a play area. We could easily move some things around, have the dishes closer to the dishwasher, and that would probably make a LOT more sense. I have been spending time trying to declutter the counter tops, too, and that is helping – I can’t wait to get it all taken care of. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. blankDiane says

    I only wish my pantry looked that good. I do try to keep it pretty organized. I love using mason jars of all sizes to store things in. Thanks for the great tips!

  7. blankKay Kathleen says

    What a great post! My kitchen tends towards the smaller side, so any bit of organization I can get in there is well welcomed!!

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