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Home Organization Tips – 15 Easy Changes Even the Most Unorganized Person Can Make

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Basic Organization Tips - 15 Easy Changes Even the Most Unorganized Person Can Make

Home Organization Tips – 15 Easy Changes Even the Most Unorganized Person Can Make

It’s a new year and time for a fresh start! If you follow me on my blog, you might know that I’m not always the most organized person. With four busy kids, an active schedule, homeschooling, and working from home, there’s just always something else I’d rather do than clean and organize my house. But I am slowly learning that organization systems can save me big! We’ve put together 15 easy changes that even the most unorganized person can make to gain a little order and control at home to help us all.

How to Organize Your Kitchen

Basic Home Organization Tips for the most Unorganized Person - how to organize your kitchen

Organize Measuring Spoons & Cups – Simply {Darr}ling – I love this idea. I have friends who do this and it’s amazing.  I don’t have any upper cabinets in my kitchen, but if I did, I would do this for sure.

Organize your fridge with bins – Four Generations One Roof –  I love the fridge bins. I actually starting using them when we lived in the barn and they really tidy up the fridge and make it look nice. I highly recommend these fridge and freezer bins by InterDesign. They really help keep my fridge cleaner and tidier.

Easy DIY Weekly Menu Board – Play Party Pin – Another great way to bring organization to your fridge is with a control board as a place to keep track of necessary grocery shopping and the weekly menu board. It’s on my list to make my own! Another task for 2016.

Make meal planning easy – 365 Days of Pinterest 

Daily Planners and Organizers

Home Organization Tips - 15 Easy Changes Even the Most Unorganized Person Can Make

Make a daily to-do list {Freebie} – The Little Mommy

Start a planner {or two} – Eat Your Beets

Build a cleaning schedule that works for YOU – Of The Hearth

Home Office Organization

Home Organization Tips - 15 Easy Changes Even the Most Unorganized Person Can Make

Banishing paper clutter and organizing a home office (heck, setting up my home office is a simple goal I have in 2016), is a lofty goal. Here are a few tips for organizing paper clutter and making systems that work for you.

Organize your paper with boxes and bins – Centsational Girl

Repurpose old shutters for a functional bulletin board – Decoholic 

Label your cords with bread clips for fast identifying – Life Tricks – super easy hack for labeling the jumble of electronic cords we always seem to find.

Easy Tips for Organizing Bedrooms

Home Organization Tips - 15 Easy Changes Even the Most Unorganized Person Can Make

An easy fix for your dresser drawers – Organizing Made Fun

Use bedside organizers to store stuff you don’t have space for – Gurl

Organize Books {with a simple DIY Book Crate} – No Time For Flash Cards 


I have learned in the 18 years of my adult life that having fewer possessions is key to a tidy house. I can’t say I’ve got it under control, but decluttering is a priority in my life and I add things to my get rid of pile every day. If I didn’t my house would be overrun with junk, plain and simple. I’m afraid it would look like something our of that Hoarders TV show. Okay, hopefully it wouldn’t be that bad, but the point is, I have to make choices each and every day about what to keep and what to get rid of. Having fewer possessions, means fewer things to pick up and put away and helps keep the daily crap shuffling to a minimum.

Decluttering - Collage

Throw away 200 things – Embracing Homemaking 

Think Quality Over Quantity & Take these 5 steps – The House of Plaid Fuzz

Just get rid of it – The Beautiful Useful Project 

Are you inspired to make any organizational changes to your house? Let me know what posts you find most helpful! And happy organizing.

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