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Beyond the Thankful Tree – Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

As we enter this season of plenty, it’s important to teach children gratitude. Especially when considering current events, our abundance becomes overly clear. We really don’t have to worry about much here in the First World. We have plenty of food. We have warm clothes and homes, cars to get us places, and more toys, book, and movies than anyone really needs.

Beyond the Thankful Tree - Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

Some kids naturally seem to put others first, but mine often don’t. I’m looking for a few activities this year to help us remember that we really have it pretty good. We’re not walking across countries fleeing terrorists. We don’t worry about bombings or go to bed hungry. At this time of year, I want my kids to count their blessings and think of other people. Here are a few activities¬†that teach children gratitude to get the ball rolling.

Beyond the Thankful Tree – Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

beyhond the thankful tree- turkey crafts

Gratitude Turkey {Thanksgiving Tradition for Families} – Little Family Fun

Give-Thanks Turkey РCreating Couture Parties 

Gratitude Turkey Placemat – Mama’s Happy Hive

Teaching gratitude with these fun activites and crafts.

Gratitude Rolls – Beauty and Bedlam

Making Napkin Rings: A Gratitude Practice – Crafting Connections

Gratitude: The Game – Play Party Pin

Thankful Collage. Going Beyhond the Thankful tree and teaching kids how to be thankful through activities and crafts

Thanksgiving Activity and Craft: Thankful Box – No Time For Flash Cards

I Am Thankful Book for Children to Make – The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

Family Thankful Jar Craft – Teach Beside Me

Construction Paper Thankful Collage of Crafts. Beyhond the thankful tree. Teaching Kids to be thankful.

‘Handy’ Thanksgiving Wreath – Education

Gratitude Leaf Garland – Sugar Aunts

Thanksgiving Paper Chain – We Made That

Fun Learning and Thankful. Going Beyhond the Thankful Tree, teaching kids to be thankful through learning and fun activities

Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher – The Country Chic Cottage

Thankful ABS’s – Written Reality

Easy I am Thankful Pumpkin Craft – The Moffatt Girls

Do you do any special activities to teach children gratitude? I’d love it if you would share!


  1. Such activity with young children when we lern them for dorbne things are very cool science. As you write, much time we spent on purchasing toys, clothes for kids and other things and forget about basic values. This fun when the way is talking about how to say "Thank you" is very important.

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