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Encourage a Grateful Mindset with Meaningful Thanksgiving Activities

Your family will enjoy these meaningful Thanksgiving activities to help encourage a grateful mindset. We’re firm believers that being grateful and kind is not just for Thanksgiving, but also realize that this is the perfect time of year to think about how lucky we really may be!

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Encourage a Grateful Mindset with Meaningful Thanksgiving Activities

As we enter this season of plenty, it’s important to embody gratitude. Especially when considering current events, our abundance becomes overly clear. Feeling and expressing gratitude can actually improve mental health and help us feel better!

We really don’t have to worry about much here in the First World (covid aside). We have plenty of food. We have warm clothes and homes, cars to get us places, and more toys, books, and movies than anyone really needs.

Some people naturally put others first, but that’s not always the case with everyone. If you’re looking for a few Thanksgiving activities this year to help remember that we really have it pretty good, you’re in the right place.

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I hope your family and friends enjoy these kid friendly thanksgiving games. Some of them you can do on turkey day at the Thanksgiving dinner table. This list of Thanksgiving activities for families also includes a few classic games like Thanksgiving bingo, crafts you might need a glue gun for, scavenger hunts, free printables, turkey bowling, turkey tag, and more.

Get a little crazy with your friends and family this year. Have fun and think of ways to be grateful, helpful, and kind. <3

Beyond the Thankful Tree - Activities to Teach Children Gratitude

Meaningful Thanksgiving Activities for Families to Encourage Gratitude

If you're looking for meaningful Thanksgiving fun, you will love these activities we found to help encourage laughs and a grateful mindset that might start on THanksgiving, but last the whole year through.

Do you do any special Thanksgiving activities for families? I’d love it if you would share!

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Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Thank you so much for featuring our Turkey placemat! It was so much fun to make! :)


Thursday 19th of November 2015

Such activity with young children when we lern them for dorbne things are very cool science. As you write, much time we spent on purchasing toys, clothes for kids and other things and forget about basic values. This fun when the way is talking about how to say "Thank you" is very important.

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As an Amazon Associate Michelle Marine, SimplifyLiveLove, earns from qualifying purchases.