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7 Tips to Create an Inviting and Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission on your purchase. Learn more here.

 Social and ecological responsibility are two of our goals here at SimplifyLiveLove and today we’re excited to share two big changes we’ve made in the master bedroom at the Passive-Aggressive House to help us achieve those goals. If you want to create an inviting and eco-friendly bedroom, here are the most amazing organic cotton sheets and the best mattress in a box to help you do that. eco friendly bedroom - best mattress in a box and organic cotton sheets

“This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission from your purchase. I was also provided with free products to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine.”

7 Tips to Create an Inviting and Eco-Friendly Bedroom + Organic Cotton Sheets Giveaway

Earlier this summer I received a set of organic cotton sheets from Grund America. It’s always nice to get sheets in the mail because it’s difficult to find California King sheets in the stores. We cheered when the Grund America sheets arrived and have been sleeping on them ever since. I’m excited to share my seven easy tips to help you create an eco-friendly bedroom today! (Plus – enter the giveaway at the end!! It’s a great one!)

organic cotton sheets giveaway

1. Organic Cotton Sheets from Grund America

We love the Grund America organic cotton sheets because they are very soft and comfortable. They also clean very well with eco-friendly laundry soap. (Important for white sheets!) Grund American products are made in GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factories that prohibit the use of heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents during processing. We love that they are made from organic cotton grown by organic farmers. Since they contain zero chemicals you don’t have to worry about allergenic, carcinogenic, or toxic chemicals leaching into your home.

If you’ve made the switch to organic food but haven’t thought about other ways toxic chemicals enter your home, now’s the time to learn. Not only does Grund America make the best organic cotton sheets, but they also have lovely organic bath towels, rugs, and blankets as well. Learn more about Grund America by visiting their website.

best mattress in a box REAL Sleep by Real Simple

2. Best Mattress in a Box from Real Sleep

The other big change we made in our bedroom was getting a a new mattress. Dan and I have had the same mattress since 2001 so when Real Sleep by Real Simple offered up their touted best mattress in a box, we decided to give it a try! I knew I wanted an eco-friendly mattress – one with NO formaldehyde, phthalates, toxic flame retardants, ozone depleters, or volatile organic compounds and the Real Sleep mattress fits the bill.

What I wasn’t sure about was a memory foam mattress. However, we updated our kids to memory foam a couple years ago so I knew they were comfortable. We like memory foam because it’s naturally resistant to dust mites and is also naturally anti-microbial. That means it’s also great for allergy sufferers.

We did have to get used to the mattress being a lot less thick than our previous super thick pillow top mattress. But the thinness does not mean the quality is inferior. The memory foam mattress is soft and comfortable, and it seems to help my joints. I don’t toss and turn as much at night or wake up with sore hips or shoulders.

We’ve been sleeping on the Real Sleep memory foam mattress since July and are very pleased. It’s CERTIPUR-US certified and is made with a 100% organic cotton mattress cover that breathes naturally and is easy to remove and wash. Shipped in a box directly to your house, it comes with a 10-year promise guarantee and a 100 day money back guarantee! We’ve been sleeping on it now for over 100 days and are completely satisfied. Dan and I agree that the Real Simple mattress is a great mattress! Learn more about eco-friendly Real Simple Bed in a Box Mattresses here.

Besides switching to amazing and soft organic cotton sheets for the best eco-friendly mattress in a box, here are five more things you can do to create an inviting eco-friendly bedroom.

3. Ditch carpet if at all possible. Carpet is just a little gross, don’t you think? It’s so easy to hide all the crap in and so difficult to clean well. When we built the passive-aggressive house, we used zero carpet. Instead, we opted for tile, concrete, and wood floors. Some people are worried about tile being cold out here in the midwest, but that’s what cute little house slippers are for, right?! 🙂

4. Make your bedroom a shoe-free zone. In fact, I highly recommend that you make the whole house shoe-free, but if you can’t, at least insist that no one wears shoes into your bedroom. Leave the foot stank, the harmful chemicals, and the dirt at the door by instituting a no-shoe policy.

succulents in upcycled milk glass

5. Add live plants to your decor! Not only are plants pretty, they also help purify the air by removing carbon dioxide and adding humidity to your home too! If you think you can’t keep plants alive, I recommend succulents. I’ve found them to be very easy to keep alive and very pretty as well.

6. Use an environmentally friendly and nontoxic laundry detergent. If you make the switch to organic linens and the best organic mattress in a box, you definitely don’t want to wash them in toxin-free detergent. I’ve used lots of nontoxic laundry detergent and even made my own. Some of my favorite brands include Ecos, Seventh Generation, Grab Green. Read my tips for “greening” your laundry here.

7. Use essential oils in a diffuser instead of artificial fragrances or candles.

Essential oils are a much healthier way to add pleasing scents to your home than using pug-ins with artificial fragrances or candles. Synthetic scents are toxic to our reproductive systems and can also cause cancer. You can read more about their toxicity in this Huffington Post article if you’re curious, but it’s safe to say that we try to avoid artificial scents as much as possible.

organic cotton sheets from Grund

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  1. blankMaryBeth says

    I would love to “up my ‘green’ level” with organic sheets. I’m baby stepping my way to better, and winning the sheets would be a giant leap!

  2. blankMaryann D. says

    I would love to win this organic Grund Sheet set, I need a new set. I do want to use organic and non-toxic sheets and I am sure these are well made.

  3. blankLaurie Nykaza says

    My son has had a heart transplant and my daughter had Lymphoma so having these to sleep on would be great for them and i know we should all be sleeping on organic sheets.

  4. blankLaurajj says

    Oh these sound so wonderful and so much healthier for us to sleep on! I have been trying to make small changes at home to move towards more eco friendly products.

  5. blankCarmen says

    for my new apartment! i just moved and i want bedding that will be good for me and the environment, too. i’d love to try these.

  6. blankStephanie Grant says

    I would love to win because every year in the fall we buy new sheets for all of our beds including the guest room because we always have family come spend a few nights with us every Thanksgiving so these would come in handy. I would also like to try the brand because I’ve become much more aware of the products I buy and try to buy eco friendly when I can.

  7. blankLindsay A. says

    I’ve been wanting to implement more of a non-toxic focus on the materials surrounding us in our home (as finances allow), and these sheets look absolutely wonderful! 🙂

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