Mango Porcupines

I don’t really like mangoes, but my kids love them. And since they’re on the Clean 15 List, I happily buy them when they cost 99 cents or less, which they often do this time of year.

My kids especially love them cut up so they look like porcupines. Here’s how to make your own mango porcupine!

After you’ve washed the mango, cut it into thirds. This is the only tricky part because there’s a great big seed in the middle and I’m never quite sure where that sucker is hidden:

Then, score the two seedless halves:

And flip them inside out:

When the kid are finished eating them, this is what you’ll have left:

Don’t forget to give someone the third section with the seed. My kids love cleaning off that piece, too.

Enjoy! I’m linking this with Life as Mom.

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  1. I love to buy Mango on sale, then cube and freeze for smoothies. Sometimes Ifind good dinner recipes that use mango. There is a simple trick for knowing ABOUT where the seed is. When holding a mango w/ stem facing the ceiling you should see that there is a wide side, and a thin side. That pesky seed is running the width of the mango. The Mango Porcupine is exactly how I prep my mango cubes before freezing. I just use my fingers to tear the cubes away from the skin. I had no idea mango prices shouldbe getting better! I really am clueless about seasonal produce prices when it comes to the more "exotic" fruits. Sometimes I find them for .44 each. But laely our produce prices have been HORRIBLE! I skimped on many other items this week just to fit in fresh veggies!!
    • That's a great idea to cube and freeze for smoothies! I might give that a try when they're even cheaper. I'm guessing these tropical fruits are cheaper right now because they're actually in season in now. That's my guess. Pineapples are also cheaper in the winter! :-)

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