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Science Experiments with Bubbles

Science Experiments with Bubble

Keep learning alive this summer with this fun round-up of Science Experiments with Bubbles! Your kids will love these activities and might not even realize they’re learning in the process.

Science Experiments with Bubbles

Are there any kids who don’t like bubbles? Even at the ripe old age of 42, I still think they’re pretty amazing. We’ve put this great round-up together for you to encourage you to get out and do something new and fun with your kiddos this summer. Enjoy!

Science Experiments with Bubbles

Make Beaded Bubble Wands – Artful Parent. How cute is this? Did you have any idea you could make a beaded bubble wand? What a great activity for a birthday party!

Make Your Own Bubble Blower – A Sparkle of Genius. Give your kids an excuse to blow the bubbles they love so much to blow. 😉

Giant Bubble Wands – Inner Child Fun. Giant bubbles are so amazing! Learn how to make your own.

science experiments with bubbles

The Bubble Snake Maker – The Mad House

Homemade Bouncing Bubbles Recipe – A Little Pinch of Perfect

science experiments with bubbles

Bubble Blower Painting – Childhood 101. We love art projects. The results of this project could even by hung on the wall!

Edible Bubble Science with Apples – Preschool Powol Packets. This one looks very, very interesting.

Glow in the Dark Bubbles – Pioneer Settler. Glow in the dark bubbles? Yes, Please!

Science Experiments with Bubbles

Frozen Bubbles – Housing a Forest.

Bubble Science for kids: What Can You Use to Make Bubbles? – Childhood 101

Science Experiments with Bubbles

Elephant Toothpaste – Making Memories

A Spring Science Experiment with Bubbles –  A Day in First Grade

Science Experiments with Bubbles

Which experiment will you try with your kids?

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As an Amazon Associate Michelle Marine, SimplifyLiveLove, earns from qualifying purchases.