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Natural Toothpaste & Deodorant for Kids + Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  This year, not only do we have to buy pencils and notebooks for back to school, but we also need to stock up on all natural personal care products including toothpaste and deodorant for kids. A plan to keep our spaces clean once the frantic pace of back to school sets in would be nice too! To help, I’m sharing a kid-friendly bathroom cleaning checklist as well as our favorite natural personal care products for kids of all ages. Back to School with Natural Toothpaste & Deodorant for Kids Tom's of Maine

This post is sponsored by Tom’s of Maine® and all opinions are my own.

Natural Toothpaste & Deodorant for Kids + Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

I can’t believe THREE of my FOUR kids need deodorant now! How times flies!! I certainly encourage my kids to play outside and get dirty all summer. But they need to go to school clean and smelling great! Keep your kids and bathroom stink free! Grab this easy DIY to get kids to clean their own bathroom fuss free, and get our top pick for an effective and natural deodorant for kids. #ad #diychorefreeprintable #deodarantforkids #greenliving

Tom’s of Maine® Wicked Cool Deodorant for Kids

I’m happy that Tom’s of Maine is always coming up with kid-friendly items my kids adore. This back-to-school season, my kids are using Tom’s of Maine®  Wicked Cool toothpaste and deodorant for kids. We love that the products are made without any artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives, and they are not tested on animals.  Tom’s of Maine® has been a trusted name in natural personal care for over 48 years and as well as a trusted name in my home for over 13 years.tom's of maine deodorant for kids

As my kids get older, keeping them clean has changed. Not only do we have to keep the dirt off the body, now we have to keep the BO away too. Wicked Cool Deodorant for kids is one of our new favorites! It provides 24 hour odor protection and includes no aluminum, no parabens, and no artificial fragrances.

I personally prefer the freestyle scent for boys – I’ve used it and it works on me too. My kids, even the boy, prefers the summer fun scent for girls. Neither scent is too masculine or girly which is why I think they both work for both genders.

Tom’s of Maine® Wicked Cool Toothpaste for Kids

tom's of maine natural tooth care products for kids

Keeping BO away is half the battle. The other half the battle is keeping teeth clean and the mouth odor-free. The first Tom’s of Maine® product we ever used was fluoride-free toothpaste like Silly Strawberry™. My older kids have outgrown this variety, but the younger kids still like it.

Now that my kids are older, they like the Wicked Cool mild mint toothpaste.  With fluoride and non-fluoride toothpaste options, you’ll find a type of natural toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine® that you won’t worry about giving your kids. Tom’s of Maine® also has a BPA-free child-size toothbrush made with mineral-based pigments and from renewable castor oil plants.

This year, Tom’s of Maine® has partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation to donate 10,000 “Backpacks Full of Good”  to students in need. By choosing Tom’s of Maine, you are helping kids in need get needed school supplies.  You can also add an encouraging note to one student’s backpack. Learn more here and don’t forget to pick up a coupon for your own Tom’s of Maine goodies. Sprouts Farmers Market is a great place to pick up all the Tom’s of Maine® for your back-to-school needs.bathroom chore chart in jar for kids

Innovative Kid Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist {in a jar}

Now that the kids are smelling great naturally thanks to Tom’s of Maine®, let’s get your bathroom in order too! Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids helped out? Here’s an easy way to encourage kids to keep their own space clean. How about an innovative, kid-friendly bathroom cleaning checklist in a jar!

bathroom cleaning checklist

All you need to do is print this checklist, cut it up, fold it, and put it in a jar to keep in your bathroom. Each item on this list is a quick task your kids can finish in five minutes or fewer. Before bed, simply have them choose one piece of folded paper from the jar and complete the task!

Download your own Bathroom chore chart in a jar here! These four quick chores will make sure your kids’ bathroom sparkles even during the busiest of times. Just click the link to open a PDF file which you can then print, cut apart, and start using immediately! You can even use the top of the list as a label. Just cut if off and glue it on a jar. I used spray adhesive and it worked pretty well. 🙂

How are you getting your family ready for back to school? Please share your best tip!

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Get organized for back to school success! Stock up on natural personal care products for kids, help @Tom’sofMaine partnership with the Kids in Need Foundation and grab my bathroom cleaning hacks for engaging your kids to keep their own space clean with no fuss! #ad #diychorefreeprintable #deodarantforkids #greenliving

Grab This Week’s Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon

Looking for kitchen inspiration or a new book to read this weekend? Check out my weekly round-up of free Amazon Kindle ebooks! Check back at the end of each week for a new list. This handy list includes free fiction, nonfiction, kids books, and cookbooks!8.16 free Amazon Kindle ebook round up

*This post contains affiliate links which means I earn me a small commission on your purchase.*

If you don’t have a kindle, but have a computer, iPad, or smart phone, head on over to download a Free Kindle App. Or you could go here and buy a Kindle ! Make sure you check the prices as they change quickly on Amazon. While everything was free when I posted, it’s highly likely that they will change!

Grab This Week’s Free Amazon Kindle eBooks

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Educational Free Non-Fiction eBooks

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Free Delicious Cookbooks on Amazon

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Kids Books for your littles

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Woody Saves the Day

I’d love to hear from you about this weekly free ebook post. What types of free ebooks do you most like? Is their a category I don’t cover but should? Please let me know how I can improve this post for you!

Many thanks to Shelly from Frugal Family Home for her help compiling this list of free amazon Kindle eBooks. 

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free Amazon Kindle Ebook round up pin




What You Need to Know About Harvesting & Curing Garlic

Garlic Growing Guide Part 2! Wondering how and when to harvest garlic? Find the answer here, plus tips on curing garlic and how to store it to last all winter in today’s Tuesdays in the Garden post on fall gardening.

harvesting and curing garlic

This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission on your purchase.

What You Need to Know About Harvesting & Curing Garlic

Welcome again to Tuesdays in the Garden! This week, we’re talking about fall gardening. It’s hard to believe that fall gardening is already upon us, but here we are. Summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter, the kids are going back to school. Many of us are knee deep in processing our summer bounty and not thinking about fall gardening. But it’s time! Read to the end for tips on growing a fall garden as well as tasks to complete this fall and food preservation tips as well.

curing garlic

 Garlic Growing Guide Part 2 – When to Harvest Garlic

In my Garlic Growing Guide Part 1, I gave lots of tips for starting a garlic patch. Now it’s time to learn how to harvest. Most garlic in my area will be harvested in July depending upon the year and climate. It’s important to choose the right time to harvest – harvest too early, and your bulbs won’t be fully developed. Harvest too late, and your bulbs will be separating into cloves and won’t store well. So when is the right time to harvest garlic?

How & When to harvest garlic

You’ll want to dig up garlic after the leaves begin to die but while there are still some green leaves left on the plants. Take a look at the main stem of your garlic plant – you’ll want to harvest when about 1/3 of the stem has turned brown. If you wait until all the leaves are brown, your garlic will be overripe and won’t store well. The leaves on the garlic plant equal protective wrappers for your garlic bulbs. As the leaves turn brown, the protective wrapper goes away. That’s why it’s important to time your harvest well.

How to Harvest Garlic

To harvest garlic, carefully dig around the plants making sure not to spear the bulbs. I use my potato fork (also called a spading fork) to harvest garlic. It works really well. Don’t pull too hard on the stem or you’ll break it off and it will be harder to get the garlic out of the ground. Be careful during harvest that you don’t spear the garlic or bruise it. Although I find it harder to harvest garlic when the ground is dry, that’s the best time to harvest because your garlic will be a lot cleaner as you get it out of the ground.

garlic with a broken stem

What you Need to Know About Curing Garlic

Carefully brush off the dirt and either hang the garlic in small bundles to dry out of the sun, or spread them on some sort of rack. They’ll need to cure for 3-6 weeks in a shaded, dry, and well ventilated area. Curing is actually letting the garlic dry out. During this time, all of the moisture in the roots and leaves somehow transfers into the bulb. You’ll know it’s time to trim the stems from the garlic when the roots and necks are completely dried and it does not smell like garlic.

garlic that was harvested too late. sorting garlic for storage

How to store garlic

After the garlic is completely dry,  trim off the roots and cut the stalks off about 1 1/2 inches above the bulb. Make sure your garlic is thoroughly clean, bug free. You’ll also want to sort your garlic carefully. Remove any garlic that you may have pierced accidentally during harvest, was harvesting too late like the garlic in the picture above, or that just doesn’t look quite as good. Eat that first and then store the rest. There are lots of ways to store your garlic.

  • Store in net bags – old onion bags are good, or the bags your seed potatoes may have com in if you order them from Seed Savers. You can also order net bags here.
  • For optimum storage, hang your garlic in an area where the temperature remains 50-70 degrees with 45-55 percent humidity.
  • You can also simply store in cool pantry in a basket. That’s how I store mine and it lasts me all winter.
  • Do not store garlic in the fridge.

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Tuesdays in the Garden

Are you reading to learn more about fall gardening? Check out all of the useful information my gardening friends have for you. Don’t forget to get your seed garlic and start planning your next garlic patch! Are you growing a fall garden this year? I’d love to hear about your plans.

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Family Friendly La Crosse Restaurants to Try this Weekend

If you’re looking for a few new La Crosse restaurants to try, enjoy this list of family friendly places to eat! Each of these delicious La Crosse restaurants has my picky family’s stamp of approval. 🙂Delicious food in la crosse wi

*This post is sponsored by Explore La Cross CVB and includes affiliate links to brand partners. If you purchase through our affiliate links, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Family Friendly La Crosse Restaurants to Try this Summer

From breakfast to lunch to dinner and desserts – we’ve got you covered if you’re heading to the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. We even have a bonus food truck for you to try too! All of these restaurant options are tried and approved by my picky family! Enjoy delicious coffee, craft beer, wood fired pizza, homemade ice cream and more in La Crosse and the surrounding area.

Pastries from Fayze's Restaurant & Bakery in La Crosse Wi

Fayze’s Restaurant & Bakery

We hit Fayze’s Restaurant and Bakery for breakfast take out one morning and my kid were in heaven! Look at those beautiful pastries! The choloate croissants were my fave, but Fayze’s also serves a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Their Bloody Mary’s look fabulous and judging by the wait list when we showed up for our pastries, Fayze’s is a very popular La Crosse destination.

Fayze’s is in downtown La Crosse at Fourth & Pearl

Open at 6:30 am daily (608)784-9548

reuben at the bodega

The Bodega Grill and Bar

If you like delicious sandwiches and beer, definitely stop in at the Bodega Grill and Bar. We tried a lot of the hot sandwiches and loved them all. My favorite was Ozzie’s Own Reuben. Made with brown mustard instead of 100 Island, this was a much better Reuben than I’ve had elsewhere. I’m not a huge 1000 Island fan, though. Dan the beer enthusiast had a great time spinning the bike tire for a brew at the Bodega.

bodega brew pub la crosse

Essentially, spin the wheel and then pay $3.75 for whichever beer it stops at. You get what you get and you can’t throw a fit, but since a lot of the beers cost more than $3.75, it’s possible you’ll save a bit of money while trying a beer you might not have tried otherwise! With over 400 different bottles of beer and 20 on tap, The Bodega is the place to go.  We learned about a lot of fun ghost stories on The Ghosts of Historic La Crosse Walking Tour and the Bodega was one of the places they mentioned. The kids also loved their free popcorn. 😉

The Bodega Brew Pub is in downtown La Crosse at 122 4th Street South.


charmant hotel la crosse wi

The Rooftop Terrace at the Charmant Hotel

The Charmant Hotel offers several different dining options including The Restaurant, the Lobby Bar & Lounge, an informal Rooftop Terrace, The Parlor coffee bar, and a confectionery Sweets Bar as well. We really enjoyed spending a nice evening on the rooftop terrace. The drinks and wood fire pizza were delicious and the atmosphere was informal enough that we felt comfortable bringing our kids along. If you want a nicer evening out, enjoy a kid-free dinner in the dining room!

delicious food at the Charmant Rooftop Terrace in La Crosse Wisconsin

We love that the Charmant Hotel sources local ingredients from regional farmers and works with local breweries and spirit makers too! We highly recommend the homemade French Onion Dip, the Burrata Salad, and the delicious wood-fired pizzas! It’s probably a good idea to call ahead for reservations as the Charmant is a very popular destination.

The Charmant is in downtown La Crosse at 101 State Street

608-519-8800The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor La Crosse

The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor & Confectionery

If you are an ice cream lover, you must stop in at The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor for homemade ice cream and waffle cones. Located in the heart of downtown La Crosse, The Pearl features a 1930s soda fountain and has been voted the #1 dessert establishment in La Crosse. The ice cream, waffle cones, and most of the candy is all homemade and delicious. My family gives The Pearl 12 thumbs up! If you’re feeling adventurous, ask them about the friendly ghosts that tug at their apron strings – another interesting story we learned on the walking tour of La Crosse!

Find the Pearl Ice Cream Parlor at 207 Pearl Street La Crosse

apothik food truck la crosse restaurants

Apothik Food Truck

Be on the lookout for the Apothik Food Truck! We really enjoyed their delicious food at the Driftless Sports Convergence! Apothik’s home location is in downtown La Crosse on the corner of 3rd and Main Streets but they’re a food truck so they’re on the go. Check out their facebook page for uptodate locations. We loved their Chicken Scawarma but Apothik’s menu is constantly changing based on what’s available seasonably.

two beagles brewpub onalaska wi

Two Beagles Brew Pub

Located just outside La Crosse in nearby Onalaska, Two Beagles Brew Pub is aother one of our favorite family friendly restaurants in the area. Enjoy live music, six seasonal craft beers brewed on site, pizza, and beautiful sunset views of the Mississippi River. Two Beagles’  lunch and dinner menus are updated seasonally and feature local, organic, and sustainable foods whenever possible.

Find them at 910 2nd Avenue North Onalaska

Red Pines Bar & Grill

Red Pines Bar & Grill on the River

Also outside La Crosse in nearby Onalaska, you’ll find the Red Pines Bar & Grill. This chill restaurant has a heated patio that offers great views of Lake Onalaska’s northern shore, a boat dock, live music, and sand volleyball courts! Red Pines Bar & Grill has been voted the #1 Fish Fry, the #1 Rural Bar, and the #1 Neighborhood Tavern so it’s worth a stop on your trip to La Crosse. They have delicious pub fare – make sure to try the walleye bites if you go. Their claim to fame is the Shrimp & Fish Fry on Friday nights so add a visit to your list!

Red Pines Bar is at W7305 County Road Z, Onalaska

Have favorite La Crosse restaurants to add to this list?? I’d love to hear!

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